The "Anti-Gift" List for the Timberpeg Barn Style Home

With Christmas only four days away, hopefully we have all concluded our gift shopping for the year. If not, you may be rushing to buy gifts for the people left on your list. Given that we spend so much of our time and money living in and maintaining our homes, buying home improvement style gifts is a natural choice. For the owner of a well-constructed Timberpeg home, however, the superior construction of the home means that several of these gifts will not be needed. Here are a few gifts that the Timberpeg timber frame or barn style homeowner may not need.

Stud Detector

This entry isn’t strictly true, since even in a Timberpeg home it is likely your interior walls are built in a conventional fashion with studs. However, the exterior walls are constructed with structural insulated panels (SIPs) and thus have no studs. This type of construction helps the walls maintain great insulation and reduce energy loss. Without studs, how do you mount heavy objects to the exterior walls?

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) being installed.


Typically, even somewhat heavy items can be secured to a SIP wall with screws. You want to choose a screw that is long enough to grip the outer layer of the panel but doesn’t protrude into the foam. For very heavy items, multiple screws or devices like French cleats or toggle bolts can be used.

Insulated Curtains

In many homes in winter, the area near a window is much colder than near a windowless wall. Conversely, in the summer a window can let in a great deal of heat. Part of this is due to the lower insulation value of windows, and some of the effect can be caused by insulation gaps when windows are installed. To combat this, some homeowners use insulating curtains.

No drafts here - A perfect reading nook!

The Timberpeg homeowner has no need for insulating curtains and is free to use curtains solely for aesthetic purposes. As we wrote about in April, advances in window technology such as gas fills and glazing have created windows that are much more insulating than in the past. We prefer to use the best Andersen or Eagle windows to ensure a great combination of looks and performance. Furthermore, our Independent Representatives will work with you to recommend contractors who install windows properly to ensure you are draft free.


Maybe a Timberpeg homeowner prefers to wear slippers, but they certainly won’t need to in order to keep their feet warm. Since many of our homeowners choose a radiant heating system, the floors are heated first and then the heat rises to warm the rest of the home. Most people find this type of system more comfortable than forced air, and it means no more cold feet ever! So, now that you know a lot of the items NOT to get a Timberpeg homeowner, you may be thinking of putting a Timberpeg home on your own wishlist!  Well, if that's the case, then simply contact the design team at Timberpeg to learn how you can schedule a design consultation.  In the meantime, happy gifting!