Brass Fixtures and Accents Make a Comeback

For a few decades now, stainless steel has been a fixture in the kitchen. As consumers replaced appliances with stainless steel versions, it was only natural that faucets and drawer pulls followed. In just the past year or two, however, brass has made a big comeback in the home. Here are a few reasons for this recent resurgence.

Brass can help lighten up a bathroom.


One of the great features of stainless steel is that it is easy to clean. Once clean, stainless steel has a very shiny appearance. However, this brightness can also leave a space feeling cold and sterile. While some homeowners like the feel of a commercial kitchen in the home, for others it creates a space that no longer feels like a family home.


In contrast to shiny brass fixtures from three decades ago, modern brass tends to use the raw metal or a darker finish. While a bit more care must be taken than when cleaning stainless steel, brass will develop a lovely patina over time. Furthermore, due to the copper content, brass also has antimicrobial properties. This makes it a wonderful material not only for the kitchen and bathroom sink, but also for door handles and cabinet hardware.

Brass or bronze can have a more rustic feel than stainless.


Many designers also like to use brass because it is a neutral material that will work well with any color scheme and room. A stainless faucet would look out of place with a copper sink, while a black doorknob may get lost in a dark front door. With brass fixtures, however, you can use a consistent material throughout the home while maintaining great visual appeal in each location.

This homeowner used brass accents throughout the home, not just in fixtures. A brass mirror in the master bedroom, a brass bed-frame in the guest bedroom and the brass mixed with copper and brushed nickel in the pieces above the fireplace tie the rooms together throughout the home. 


You also need not worry that brass fixtures will look “old”. The “swan-neck” style faucets are largely a style of the past, with modern faucets available in all manner of styles. Naturally, both single and double handle models are available. More modern innovations like pull down sprayers and touchless faucets are also increasingly popular options. Coupled with specialty fixtures like pot fillers and instant hot water dispensers, the modern home is well served by this ancient alloy.

Brass and bronze work well in modern or rustic kitchens.


Of course, whether your choice in fixtures is brass, bronze, stainless steel or any other finish, we think they all look best in a timber frame home. Please contact us to begin designing the ideal timber frame home for you.