To Build New or Buy Existing in 2013

timber frame kitchen and great room

Recent news about the housing industry has had an upbeat tone and some real optimism for 2013.  According to a recent story on NPR, “new homebuilding reached a 4 1/2 year high in December.”  The forecasts for 2013 predict a steady growth in the housing market.  This recent uptick in confidence has people interested in building a post and beam or timber frame home asking themselves if now is the right time to build.

See the construction process of the timber frame home featured in this post.

Why Build New?

1) Quality of construction means less upfront maintenance and repairs

The long-term cost of owning an existing home can often be much higher than the differential in initial price.  So while an existing home may seem like a great bargain, the risk of needing serious maintenance and repairs is much higher.  Repair work on tile, plumbing and/or electrical can cost significant sums of money.  A new home from a quality company and reputable builder is much less likely to cause unexpected costs a few years in.

modern timber frame home with screen porch

Premium windows, walls with exceptional R-values, precision cut timbers, and durable siding options are just part of what makes a new Timberpeg home last for generations – with far fewer maintenance headaches.

2)  A space tailored to your needs

A new home is designed just for your specific needs.  We like to refer to it as the “right sized house.”  A skilled designer and builder will work with you to craft every space to suit your own needs.

timber frame office with big windows

The home office in this new timber frame home was designed just for the homeowner. It is large enough for working, and in the perfect spot in the home so the owners never feel too far from the rest of the home, but still removed enough to focus on the job at hand.

3)  Energy-efficient building technologies

When you think of the leaps and bounds the building and design industries have made over the past 10 years when it comes to energy-efficiency it can make even a home built in 1990 seem like a drafty old hovel.

modern timber frame kitchen

Not only does a new timber frame home have superior energy efficiency, but building a new home is the perfect way to begin with the highest efficiency appliances for a kitchen that’s enjoyable to cook in, and saves on utility bills.

Timberpeg homes easily exceed the energy requirements that are set by today's International Residential Code, many of these homes are 30-55% more efficient than a conventionally built, code compliant home. You'll also be sure to start fresh with updated, energy efficient appliances rather than replacing those in an existing home. A refrigerator today is over 70% more efficient than one that is 20 years old.

When to build new?

If the optimistic outlook for 2013 continues, then the answer is sooner rather than later.  According to David Crowe, the chief economist for the National Association of Home Builders, many contractors are already having a hard time finding enough skilled sub-contractors to build homes they have on order, thus creating a delay.  So, if a new timber frame home is on your mind in 2013, contact Timberpeg and get in touch with a local representative or builder today.

bathroom with jetted tub in bay window

The sooner your new home is built, the sooner you'll be able to kick back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor (without any maintenance issues to stress over).