Building Them “Like They Used To”

One of the most frequently heard maxims about the real estate business is that “they don’t build them like they used to.” The implication of this saying is that homes were better constructed in the past and that homes built today aren’t as high quality. While this may be true in some other products, in homes the reality is more complicated. Nevertheless, timber frame homes, especially Timberpeg homes, combine the best qualities of older homes with the benefits of new construction.

Timber frame homes combine the best of old and new construction techniques.

When we look at old homes in order to make comparisons, we can only look at those homes that have survived. The poorly-built older homes will have long since been remodeled or torn down completely. On the other hand, the old homes that were well-built and aesthetically pleasing will have survived relatively unchanged. This effect, known as survivorship bias, explains why the old homes we see today seem to be well-built.

Even in harsh conditions, the timber frame is resolute.

Of course, it is no surprise that many of the magnificent older homes that survive today are timber frame structures. Then as now, timber framing was a superior construction technique for building homes. Even in seismically active areas like Japan, timber frame structures have endured for spans measuring into millennia. Since heavy timbers are also fairly fire resistant compared to “stick-built” construction, a timber frame home is more resilient to the passage of time.

Although modern walls are better constructed, even ancient timber frames last hundreds of years.

While modern timber frame homes have all the benefits of old timber frame homes, they also come with many advantages that were not possible in years past. Frames can be raised in only a few days for a typical home, and then rapidly enclosed against the weather. The home is encased in rigid foam insulation or structural insulated panels, forming a very tight insulating envelope that ensures a draft-free and efficient home.

Modern insulation is far better than even a few decades ago.

While older timber frame homes tended to be fairly cozy, modern techniques mean that even the “median” home can have cathedral ceilings and an open floor plan. Since there are no load-bearing walls, timber frames provide maximum flexibility in creating the floor plan you desire. Combined with their greater ability to accommodate modern amenities like air conditioning and appliances, the modern timber frame home is the best choice for the long-term investment that is your home.

Quality construction will last for generations.

At Timberpeg, we don’t build them like they used to; we build them even better. If you’d like to learn more about all a Timberpeg timber frame home has to offer, please contact us today.