Celebrate Earth Day

As you probably know, Earth Day is this weekend on Sunday the 22nd.  Earth Day is a relatively new phenomenon, dating back to 1970.  Through the years it has meant different things to different people, and each year it makes us ponder our role in promoting a sustainable and ecologically-friendly method of building.

post and beam home under construction

Post and beam home under construction in rural New Hampshire

Building a Green Home – Do it Better

No matter your motivation for building a green home, Timberpeg is a wise choice to be your building partner.  Not only does the wood for our post and beam frames carry Sustainable Forestry Initiative certification, but we go out of our way to partner with responsible companies for all of the components that go into our barn homes. Beyond all the materials that go into our custom designed post and beam home packages, the building process itself is conducive to building a green home.  Our post and beam home kits are precisely cut ahead of time in our factory controlled environment to ensure the minimal amount of waste (and a superior fitting post and beam home.)  We make our own super-insulated roof and wall panels, and pre-install the windows in our facility for an air-tight fit that ensures the least amount of air infiltration.

Building a Green Home – Do it Faster

post and beam panelized home under construction

With all the steps we do ahead of time in our manufacturing facility, your custom designed panelized home kit arrives on your job site ready for quick assembly.  The amount of equipment needed on site, and the amount of waste generated on site, are both greatly reduced using our method for building a green home.  A boom crane will help position the post and beam frame, and then position the wall panels.  The entire process of erecting and enclosing one of our custom designed panelized post and beam home packages can take as little as 2 weeks. The quick construction times and panelized nature of our post and beam homes also means there will be less impact to your land – an important consideration for those building a green home.

barn home kitchen

To learn more about all the aspects of building a green home that Timberpeg® has to offer, please give us a call at (800) 636-2424, or fill out our contact form to let us know about your interest in building a green home.