Dining Rooms in Demand

With Thanksgiving only a week away, we are entering the peak demand season for the dining room. Many builders have assumed that homebuyers no longer want a dedicated dining room, and have rolled the dining room into the great room. Market research, however, shows that the dining room is still a very important feature to homebuyers. The modern dining room is also used in some surprising ways compared to years past.

Dining Rooms can be separate or part of the great room.

There is some truth to the belief that dining rooms have fallen out of use, but this is mostly a trend in large and cramped cities. An IKEA study from 2014 found that 36 percent (of their mostly urban sample) of people never ate in their dining rooms on weekdays. Berlin ranked highest with 54 percent of its respondents not using their dining rooms for eating. In hot markets like San Francisco, an enclosed dining room is often labeled as a bedroom in sale listings. Nevertheless, these homeowners like the flexibility of having a dining room for large gatherings.

Formal dining rooms are charming and demanded by most homebuyers.

While roughly a third of people do not use a dining room, an even larger proportion likes having a formal dining space. In another 2014 study, 59 percent of homebuyers indicated that they preferred a great room plus one or two rooms set aside for more formal purposes. Those surveyed also wanted the dining room table to be able to accommodate 10 or 12 people, perfect for large holiday gatherings. In addition to this more formal space, informal seating at a large kitchen island is a must have.

Lower ceiling height helps make a dining room more intimate.

A third 2014 study by Houzz found that a majority of homeowners still use their dining rooms for their intended purpose at least once a week. However, not all wish for a purely formal aesthetic in the dining room. A full 16 percent of respondents wanted a television installed in the dining room. This author can certainly understand this sentiment for turkey day, since she hopes to see the Lions extend their Thanksgiving winning streak. If this style suits you, though, perhaps a less formal dining space in the great room is a good choice for you.

Having a TV visible in the dining room is important to some homeowners.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at some timber frame dining rooms and spaces, and hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving Day. We’re taking the next week off from the blog and hope you’ll be relaxing as well. As always, if you have any questions about the homes seen in the blog, please contact Timberpeg today!