A High-Tech Bathroom for Your Barn Home

Master Bathroom Soaking Tub

Photo by Fred Forbes Photogroupe

A year ago, we posted about desirable design elements for a master bathroom. We’re sure that most will agree that the expansive vanities, seating areas, and soaking tubs mentioned there are all desirable features of the modern bathroom. Despite their larger size and comfort levels, most modern bathrooms are still decidedly low-tech, with manual faucets for sinks and showers, and toilets that seem unchanged in design except for better water conservation. With technology pervading every aspect of our lives these days, the bathroom is finally catching up to the rest of the house. Here are a few of the neatest high-tech bathroom ideas for you to consider.


Although cabinets seem like a bathroom item that would be untouched by technological progress, there are several ways that storage in the bathroom has been updated with modern convenience. Several manufacturers make televisions that are integrated into cabinet mirrors so you can catch up with the news while getting ready for your day. When off, the television disappears so that all you see is the mirror. Another nice feature, such as this cabinet from Robern, is a cabinet with integrated refrigerator. This refrigerator allows you to keep your makeup at the right temperature in a steamy bathroom, store medication, or have cold water bottles at hand after a soak in the tub. Another great cabinet advance is a warmed drawer that allows you the spa-like experience of warm towels without the possible unsightliness of a warming bar. All of these innovations look like ordinary storage when not in use, allowing you to integrate all that technology has to offer into the bathroom while maintaining a classic aesthetic.


The Numi by Kohler being advertised in Japan

Although toilets have become more efficient with water in recent years, most toilets are very low-tech. The Numi from Kohler may be the ultimate high tech toilet. It features motion-activated, automatic-lowering heated seats, a deodorizing air filter and integrated bidet. It also has storable user preferences and heats the floor around the toilet, while the side panels illuminate at night for visibility in the dark. Although this may be the ultimate toilet for your high-tech bathroom, it comes at a price of around $5,000.


If your car (and now also your toilet) can have stored preferences for each person, then why not your shower? Systems like Kohler’s DTV or Moen’s ioDIGITAL showers allow you to store preferences like temperature and water pressure settings for each user. The systems will alert you when the proper temperature is reached, so you won’t have to step into a cold shower ever again. Even better, the systems can be controlled remotely, allowing you to start your morning shower before you even leave bed. So, with high-tech kitchens and high-tech home entertainment, how do you feel about the bathroom going high-tech? Is it something you'd like in your barn home? Leave us a comment and let us know. And as always, if you're ready to start designing your dream barn home (with or without high-tech bathroom) please contact Timberpeg to get started.