Holiday Decorating That Accentuates the Barn Home

With Hanukkah beginning on Tuesday and Christmas only a week and a half away, it is time again to decorate the barn home for the winter holidays. Last year, we wrote a post exploring the origin of various holiday decorations. This year, we thought we would concentrate on ways to tailor your decoration to the unique setting of a timber frame home. While many decorations work well in any home, there are certain details in the barn home that cry out for special attention. Here are few ways to make your decorations extra special.

Deck the Trusses!

Your beams can also be a great help in decorating tall trees.

As we wrote about last week, the truss is not only an important structural element in the barn home, it is also one of the most appealing and featured aesthetic components. With trusses commanding such attention in the great room, one would be remiss to neglect them when decorating. Whether you wish to “deck the trusses with bows of holly” or find that the horizontal truss members create perfect perches for reindeer or elf figurines, make sure the truss is a central part of both your home’s structure and holiday decorating.    

Candle in the Window

Having a candle (although preferably an electric one) in the window is a tradition that is especially evident in older towns in former colonial states. Today, many associate this practice only with Christmas tradition, but it was originally a much wider practice. Colonists placed candles in the window when members of the family were away or as a symbol of welcome to travelers. So while this tradition is certainly one you can start this time of year, it can be employed year round and looks especially fitting in a Timberpeg home.

Focus on the Fireplace

post and beam home with christmas tree by fireplace Sure, an increasing number of homes these days have fireplaces. However, the fireplace feels as if it belongs in the barn home and neither quite works without the other. Since fireplaces are naturally located in the home’s gathering place, they are a focus of attention during holiday gatherings. Mantles make a great place from which to stage decorations, not to mention hang stockings.

“Ironically” Decorate with Icicles

Last winter, we also wrote about how the superior construction of Timberpeg homes with structural insulated panels provides outstanding insulation for the roof and walls. As a result, you won’t have to worry about ice dams forming on the roof or icicles hanging from the eaves. If you want to use icicle style lights, you can use them “ironically” and showcase your home’s superior construction.