Holiday Gift Ideas for the Post and Beam Home

post and beam home with christmas tree by fireplace

While it may seem like the dishes from Thanksgiving are barely cleaned, dried and stored away, there are only about two weeks of shopping days left before Christmas, due to this year’s compressed gift buying season (which is now in full swing.) If you have a post and beam homeowner on your gift list, and have yet to find something just right for them, then this list may be just what you need, from small to large gift ideas.

Small: A Gift for the Coffee Lover


If your Post and Beam-loving gift recipient is starting to get serious about their coffee, then a serious drip coffee maker would make the perfect gift. Studies on coffee making have shown that for the best results the water should be between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit and the water should filter through the grounds in under 8 minutes. Sadly, the vast majority of coffee makers on the market are incapable of meeting these guidelines. One coffee maker that can is the Techivorm Moccamaster, which will likely make the best coffee you’ve ever had. Hand built in the Netherlands, it is still reasonably priced at under $300. For best results, choose the vacuum-insulated Thermo carafe model over the glass model.

Medium: A Soaker Tub for Cold Winter Nights

Master Bathroom Soaking Tub

Photo by Fred Forbes Photogroupe

With much of the country experiencing a cold snap, staying warm is a priority. While our Timberpeg homes are well-insulated and cozy, if you are returning after a long time outside you may need a little boost to help warm up. A roaring fire can help, but sometimes a nice soak in a hot tub is just the ticket to warm the body and soul. While large, luxurious showers are displacing the tub in many modern homes, if a good bath is something one of your family members craves then consider installing a large soaker tub for bathing bliss.

Large: A Post and Beam Addition

Sure, this would be far too large of a gift for a casual acquaintance. But if your family is in need of more space at home, then an addition from Timberpeg is the ultimate gift for this holiday season. Maybe you need more space to entertain guests or more bedrooms for guests staying during future holidays. Whatever your needs, our designers can work with you to make the perfect addition. Whether you want to add to an existing post and beam home or any other home style, we can design the perfect addition to make your family’s dreams come true.  And while it's too late for this Christmas, it's never to early to start planning.  You might even be able to surprise your significant other with a box of preliminary sketches and plans from the design team at Timberpeg.  Contact them today to get started and make some holiday wishes come true!