Home Design That Promotes Productivity

We are now back on standard time, and our bodies are adjusting to the change. With more daylight in the morning, but less in the evening, it may seem as if morning tasks are easier while evening tasks have become more difficult. For many, as the daylight hours grow shorter maintaining productivity becomes even harder. If you’re looking for ways to keep your productivity up, here are a few ways your home’s design can help.

Wake Up Quickly

Although it can be tempting to repeatedly hit the snooze button in the morning, this is a recipe for a poor day. By trying to fall back to sleep so soon after waking, your body gets conflicting messages (via dopamine and serotonin) of whether to wake or sleep. This can leave you feeling groggy and unproductive all day. Instead, arrange your bedroom so you get a good, quality night’s sleep. When it’s time to wake, natural light or light-up alarm clocks can help you get going. If you have an audio alarm, placing it so you have to get out of bed to turn it off can ensure that you don’t try to fall back asleep.

Automate Your Wardrobe

Many busy people wear the same thing every day. Perhaps Steve Jobs' penchant for jeans and black turtlenecks is the most well-known example. Also, Albert Einstein would only wear one type of suit. Although the decision of what to wear might seem trivial, even small choices like this cause fatigue that can prevent you from making important decisions throughout the day. With adequate wardrobe space, you can even have a changing wardrobe without thinking too much about it. For example, one math teacher arranged his slacks, shirts and ties on separate revolving racks such that no combination would repeat during the school year.

Keep a Tidy Home

While some of us may not seem to mind clutter as much as others, studies have shown that a clean workspace promotes productivity. However, just a view of clutter can cause decreased productivity and stress. So, even if your desk in your home office is clean, simply being within sight of a messy table can harm your productivity. Make sure to keep your whole house tidy to ensure productivity-we know, easier said than done!

Maintain a “Flow”

Its best to make important decisions early in the day, but minimize unimportant ones. This means that it’s good to keep a morning routine that keeps you “flowing” towards the day ahead. A poor flow might involve eating breakfast in the kitchen then returning to the master suite to shower. If you instead shower and dress first, head to the kitchen to eat second, and finally head out to the office, you will have developed a flow that eases you into the day. We hope these ideas help you keep your productivity up in these winter months. If you would like help designing a home that promotes productivity and relaxation, please contact us today.