Home Shows: The Perfect Introduction to Timber Frame Homes

modern barn house on river

If you are just starting to consider building your own home, the task of planning and construction can seem intimidating at best. In addition to the questions that all home buyers have, those looking to build a timber frame home will likely have even more questions specific to designing and building this unique style of home. Whenever you have questions, we encourage you to contact Timberpeg directly, or talk with your local independent representative, who you can find here. If you would like to learn more about timber framed or post and beam homes in a more casual setting, then we encourage you to attend one of the many timber frame home shows that we attend throughout the year.

Timberpeg Booth at a Home Show in Virginia Last Fall

First, some discussion about the nature of home shows is in order. There are several national scale home shows throughout the year. These shows feature some larger homebuilding companies, but also companies specializing in everything from appliances to mortgage lending. The large scale of these events tends to be distracting and does not allow potential clients to engage with vendors as in depth as you may wish to. For this reason, we prefer to attend more regional home shows, especially those specializing in log and timber frame home construction. These shows allow you to engage with our designers and independent representatives, as well as compare our product against our competitors to see why a Timberpeg home is the best home for you.

Home shows are a wonderful opportunity to meet Independent Representatives such as Glenn Robertson of Smith & Robertson, Inc. in Charlottesville, Virginia.

At these timber frame home shows, our knowledgeable staff and independent representatives can answer your questions about designing and building your dream home. We will have floor plans and photographs of timber frame homes we have built and will use these to help you customize a plan that works for your wants and needs. We will also have display items, like a cross-section of a structural insulated panel (SIP) and examples of post and beam joinery, so you can see in person the superior way in which our homes are constructed. If you have any photographs, sketches or ideas for your own Timberpeg home, make sure to bring those too so we can use them to help you realize your vision! We have independent representatives throughout the country, and attend home shows throughout the country as well. This weekend, we were at the Great Northeast Home show in Albany, NY. Next weekend, we will attend the Vermont Log Home and Timber Frame Show in Essex Junction. In March, we’re scheduled to appear at two home shows in New Hampshire, as well as shows in Illinois and Pennsylvania. We will keep scheduling shows throughout the year, so be sure to keep checking our show listing at https://timberpeg.com/news/tradeShows to see when we are in your area.  And if you have any questions about the timber frame home you're planning, don't hesitate to contact Timberpeg today to get the answers.