The Most Sought-After Bathroom Features

As we’ve undoubtedly mentioned before, we spend a great deal of time on the blog discussing bathrooms and kitchens. In large part this is due to their nature as “functional” rooms; while other rooms are more defined by their furniture, kitchens and bathrooms are defined by their built-in plumbing and appliances. But just as we spend time concentrating on these rooms, so too do potential homebuyers. Today we’d like to discuss some of the bathroom features that are currently most in demand.

Frameless showers are perhaps the most in-demand feature.
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You probably remember our post from about 3 weeks ago on the leading features that help a home sell quickly and for more money than comparable homes. We didn’t mention any of the bathroom terms, but there were two bathroom features in the top fifteen. The highest bathroom item was a frameless shower, which helped a home sell 38 days faster than average and for 4.6 percent over the expected amount.

Low or no threshold showers are another great choice.
Take a look at more photos of this home, built by Independent Rep, Schaal-Given Contracting

While frameless showers are quite attractive, they also lend themselves to a low or zero threshold design. This style of shower not only looks good but also allows easier entry for those with limited mobility. Also, for all people who shower, a zero profile shower is much safer to get into and out of. However you design your shower, pairing it with a tankless water heater is also a very popular choice. Homes with tankless heaters sold on average 43 days faster than those without.

Even with a great shower, a tub is a must.
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While separate showers are desirable, you shouldn’t skip the bathtub when designing your bathrooms. A study by Pulte Group asked respondents which features they desired so much that they were willing to sacrifice on the location of their home. The most listed feature, by 54 percent of respondents, was a bathtub in at least one bathroom. Since the largest demographic of homebuyers are those with children living at home, it is no surprise that this is a must have feature for most homebuyers.

Clawfoot tubs are right at home in a Timberpeg.

Of course, homebuyers want a bathtub that makes for a relaxing bathing experience as well. Having a “spa-like” experience was important for 23 percent of respondents in the Pulte survey. One of the defining features of the spa experience is a freestanding tub, which is the perfect complement to frameless shower. In a timber frame home, the clawfoot tub is a natural choice. Finishing out the bathroom, a separate water closet for the toilet was desirable depending on your region, with a low of 15 percent of Midwesterners desiring the feature to a high of 27 percent of Westerners listing it as a must have.

A hidden toilet is more desirable in some regions than others.
Take a look at more photos of this home, built by Timberpeg Independent Rep, Old Hampshire Designs.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at timber frame homes that have the bathroom features desired by today’s homebuyers. To have a dream bathroom and home designed for you, please contact Timberpeg today.