New Jersey Timberpeg Home: Timber Frame Renovation

Post and beam and timber frame homes are true works of art. And just like art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, when a family purchased a previously custom built Timberpeg home in New Jersey, they wanted to do a complete renovation to have their new home reflect their styles rather than that of the home's previous owner. The result of the renovation is a feast for the eyes!

Post and Beam Home Construction | New Jersey Post and Beam Home

Exterior - New Jersey Timberpeg Home

A wide covered entry welcomes you to this perfectly landscaped New Jersey timber frame home.

Post and Beam Home Renovation | New Jersey Timber Frame Home

Timberpeg Home Renovation - Great Room - Before & After

Timber frame home owners have different interior styles they prefer. While the previous owner liked a more contemporary aesthetic, the new owners wanted to bring the natural beauty of the wood back to life. As you can see in the "before" picture above, the original homeowner had painted the timber frame white. During the renovation, the new owners painstakingly sanded all of the posts and beams in this timber frame home. The den and great rooms now have a more traditional timber frame look.

Timber Frame Kitchen | New Jersey Timber Frame Home

Timberpeg Home Renovation - Kitchen - Before & After


Because the kitchen is the place where families spend the most amount of time, it only makes sense that the kitchen renovation in this gorgeous timber frame home is the most dramatic of all the rooms. Let's take a closer look.

Timber Frame Kitchen Renovation | New Jersey Post and Beam Kitchen

Kitchen Renovation - After

Moving away from the previous contemporary style, the owners designed an absolutely gorgeous Tuscan style kitchen. With the beams exposed in their natural wood, the tan color scheme compliments perfectly. The effect is one of the most stunning timber frame kitchens I've come across. Bravo!

Timber Frame Loft | New Jersey Timber Frame Home

Timberpeg Home Renovation - Loft - Before & After

The second floor loft space was turned into a fantastic office. Again, structural and support beams were carefully sanded and brought back to their original wood finish. The end result is a warm and inviting space.

Timber Frame Master Bedroom | New Jersey Post and Beam Home Master

Master Bedroom - After Renovation

The timber frame master bedroom is always an amazing sanctuary. A wall of fixed windows are perfectly balanced on the gable end wall and act as a beautiful back drop for the luxurious bedroom.

Timber Frame Master Bath | Spacious Master Bath

Timberpeg Master Bath

Down a private staircase from the master bedroom is the magnificent master bathroom. Exposed floor joists envelope the space and help to provide a rustic yet traditional feel to the bathroom. Like what we’ve featured here? Leave questions and comments below. We love hearing from you! Timberpeg® specializes in traditional mortise and tenon joinery, providing an authentic look with heavy timbers, detailed joinery and wooden pegs. Visit or call 1-800-636-2424 to learn more.