Planning for the Changing Seasons

Since we’re just barely starting into fall, it may seem an odd time to think about holiday entertaining. Then again, a recent study by found that one in seven Americans have already begun shopping for holiday gifts. Thankfully for the other eighty-six percent of us, we do still have over two months to prepare for Thanksgiving and the winter entertaining season. Still, putting off all the preparations until just before the holidays can create quite the stressful situation. Instead, it’s best to start preparing early so that you don’t have to undergo a last minute rush. Here are a few ideas for items to prepare now, that will both aid your guests and make your home more relaxing for you as well.

Prepare Your Guest Rooms

Guest rooms can often see little use between visitors’ stays, so these rooms might get neglected and not updated as often as the rest of the home. Of course, you will want to clean the room and freshen linens just before your guests arrive. Now, however, is the best time to attend to any bigger guest room projects that you may have put off. Perhaps all the room needs is a fresh coat of paint to help brighten things up a bit, or maybe a new mattress is in order for you guests? Even changing out pictures and artwork to be appropriate for the season can go a long way. Try to get these projects done now, so that the room will only need light cleaning come the holidays.

Organize the Kitchen

Some areas of kitchen storage are easier to keep organized than others. Tableware tends to have more uniform shapes and sizes so they are easier to keep organized. On the other hand, cookware and kitchen utensils are more irregular and tend towards disorder over time. Now is the perfect time to organize the kitchen. If you haven’t used an item in a while and can’t see using it this holiday season, consider donating it to help reduce clutter. By organizing the kitchen now, you will also give yourself time to become accustomed to any new item locations before you entertain.

Change Your Welcome Mat

The changing seasons also means a change in what your shoes track inside. In the fall, leaves start to become a problem and soon enough snow will as well. Your summer welcome mat may not be up to the challenge, so consider putting out a fall or winter themed mat that can stand up to more use.

If Traveling, Book Early

According to the travel site Skyscanner, Americans book their holiday travel on average 56 days in advance, which is close to the global average of 59 days. This means that if you wait until two months before your trip to book travel, half of all seats will already be sold and you may not get your preferred itinerary. With only three months until the winter holidays, it would be prudent to book your travel as soon as you are confident on your travel dates.

We hope this guide will help you plan ahead and reduce stress when it is time to entertain, and if you would like a brand new timber frame home perfect for entertaining, please contact our team at Timberpeg today.