Spring 2013 Colors For Barn Home Style – Part 2

Now that New York Fashion week is all wrapped up, it's time to wrap up the second half of our top 10 most fashionable colors for barn home decor.  We'll be walking through the remaining five colors for Spring 2013 and illustrating each color with a timber frame home photo.

Monaco Blue

timber frame great room with blue chairs

This deep blue has a luxurious aquatic feel just like its namesake country.  This color of blue is great for tile accents, as well as furniture pieces like the armchairs shown in the timber frame great room above.


post and beam kitchen with arches and plaster walls

Just in case you were feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the bright hues, there is a warm neutral to bring a bit of balance to the top ten.  This neutral shade has a warmth to it making it feel like sun-warmed sand.  It's a wonderful tone for plaster walls, like the post and beam kitchen above.

Tender Shoots

barn home living room with green pillows and big windows

This green is a perfect color for spring.  It is fresh and cheerful like a yellow, but is a bit easier to pair with other colors than a yellow would be.  It could be a fabulous bedroom or bathroom color, as well as an accent color for kitchens or living rooms (like the one shown above from a barn home in Connecticut).


timber frame great room with cathedral ceilings and stone fireplace

This warm and cheery tone makes for a great accent color.  It pairs well with other warm tones, as well as its complimentary color blue. Orange and blue shades together work well in nautical decor, while oranges with reds and aquas lend a sense of southwest aesthetic to a room.


timber frame bathroom with aqua colored walls

This vivid shade of blue/green is a bold choice.  Used as an accent it could be a small pop of color, but used as the main wall color in a bathroom makes for a big statement.  The timber frame bathroom above is from the same home as the Nectarine photo above.  As you can see, the southwest color palette and styling continues throughout this beautiful Massachusetts timber frame home. That rounds out the top ten picks of trendy colors for Spring 2013.  Some, like Poppy, Lemon Zest and Linen, are common colors for barn home decor.  Others like African Violet and Emerald are non-traditional choices which can make a home truly unique.  Of course, we would never advise picking colors just because they're 'on trend.'  The best design advice is to pick a color you love.  If you're interested in trying a color, but not 100% sure, try out some throw pillows or rugs first as they can be quick, easy and not too expensive to change.  So, is there a color you're thinking of trying?  Want to see more examples of some colors?  Feel free to leave a comment and let us know.