Timber Frame Home Floor Plan Spotlight: The Cobb Meadow

Designing a timber frame home floor plan takes a lot of thought and consideration.  What do you need in a home now vs. what will you want from your home many years from now?  How do you plan to entertain extended family, while keeping the home cozy and efficient? One floor plan that hits a lot of great notes for a lot of different people is the Cobb Meadow. Although we have featured this home in a previous post, it was so well received we thought it was worth highlighting again.

At 2,100 square feet, it's large enough for a family, but not so large as to be overwhelming.  A first floor master bedroom means those looking to live in their timber frame home for all the years to come will feel comfortable with no unnecessary trips up and down stairs. (The laundry is also on the main level.)  The open kitchen, dining and living room also make for great entertaining, and ensures the chef is never too isolated from the party.  A small pantry in the kitchen helps provide extra storage space.  Another great feature of the first floor is that the master bedroom is separated from the main public spaces of the home with the library space as a buffer.  This helps to make the master suite feel more private and secluded.  Outdoor deck space adds to the entertaining options during warm months as guests can easily step from the dining and living space to the outdoors beyond.

The second floor has a unique feature in the 'good morning' stair case.  The stairs diverge in two opposite directions near the top of the second floor, taking inhabitants towards one bedroom, or towards the loft and second bedroom beyond.

This fun feature can help make the two bedrooms feel more separate and private from one another (something teenaged children would no doubt appreciate).  The loft space would be perfect as a game room, movie space or play room for young children.  One extra advantage of the loft space is to have an area which can get more cluttered (aka 'lived in') without it being on the main level for guests to see. Another great feature of this home is that each bedroom has an en-suite. Having a private bathroom for each bedroom is sure to be appreciated by everyone from guests visiting to the children who are raised in the home. What do you think of the Cobb Meadow?  Are three bedrooms enough?  Too big?  Well the wonderful thing about a timber frame home floor plan, is that it's just the beginning.  With the right design partner, like the team at Timberpeg, you can take the features you like and get rid of the ones you don't.  If you'd like to learn more about this plan, or begin designing your own plan from scratch, contact Timberpeg to get started.