Timber Frame Homes for the Practical Dad

Perhaps a riverside Timberpeg is what you really want for next Father’s Day?

For Mother’s Day this year, we ran a four part series on the features that a modern mom looks for when purchasing a home. For Father’s Day, it only seemed appropriate that we also dedicated a post to dad’s concerns in the home buying process. While we find women tend to exert a larger share of the decision making when buying a home, it is a process that men are very involved in as well. Since purchasing a home is a large financial commitment, there are many practical concerns that homebuyers have. Here are some reasons that we feel a Timberpeg home is the perfect choice for a practical dad.


Although you’ll probably never want to sell it, you’ll appreciate that your home holds its value.
(Home Built by Timberpeg Independent Representative Bondville Construction)

For the vast majority of us, buying a home is the largest purchase we will ever make. For the practical dad, ensuring that the home holds its value is thus of utmost concern. According to the annual “Cost of Raising a Child” report from the USDA, a middle-income family will spend over $245,000 raising a child to the age of eighteen. Of that figure, around a third ($74,000) is increased housing cost. If that additional investment in housing keeps its value over the years, the family is better positioned for future expenses like college tuition.

Traditional or modern, timber frame homes have high resale.
(Home Built by Timberpeg Independent Representative, Smith & Robertson, Inc.)

Timber frame homes are a great choice in part because they have such great resale value. Due to their impressive visual appearance and durability, timber frame homes remain desirable and keep value decades down the road.

Running Costs

SIP construction means low energy costs.

With the costs of mortgage interest, insurance, and taxes, the last thing you want is a home that requires a great deal of money to keep running. Without a doubt, the largest expense for most homeowners is energy. Between electricity for running air conditioners as well as heating oil, propane, or natural gas for heating, energy is usually the largest expense in running the home.

With their efficient construction, Timberpeg homes are great for reducing energy costs. While most conventional homes can only accommodate R-19 insulation in 2×6 walls, the structural insulated panels (SIP) of a Timberpeg can achieve twice that level of insulation. On average, a Timberpeg built with SIPs will often use 20-50% less energy than a conventional home, saving your family serious money every year.

Very little heat is lost through this Timberpeg roof!
(Home Built by Timberpeg Independent Representative Bondville Construction)

Durability and Beauty

Most dads feel a great sense of pride from being a “provider” for the family. While many people only think of this in a financial sense, providing a home that the family can be proud of is important to dad. A Timberpeg means a family home that wows everyday with its charm yet is never boring due to its uniqueness. The resilient posts and beams provide a sense of stability needed in the home without appearing imposing. Every day, you will be glad to come home to a Timberpeg.

Home Built by Timberpeg Independent Representative, Smith & Robertson, Inc.

We hope all you dads out there have a wonderful Father’s Day. If you are looking for a Timberpeg to spend your future Father’s Days in, please contact us.