Timberpeg’s Timber Frame Package

The process of building a new home is comprised of many steps. At the beginning you have the initial planning and design work, followed by manufacturing and construction, and at the end you have a finished home. All of these topics are great to write about here, since the blueprints and pictures of the building process and completed homes make great visual content for a blog. Today, however, we’ve decided to talk about the materials that go into a Timberpeg home package. Since our homes go up so quickly, we usually don’t have too many photographs highlighting the materials. We hope this post, and its accompanying video, help demonstrate all you get when you buy from Timberpeg.

With the Timberpeg Package, your dream house becomes a reality!

By the time the package is delivered to the build site, the design and necessary permits are all already firmly in place. Furthermore, the foundation, provided by others, is also in place. The first component of our package, and the most important, is timber frame itself. The standard package includes a Douglas fir or Eastern white pine frame, but other wood choices are available on request. The frame can even be stained at the factory for an even quicker finished product at the build site.

Timberpeg Package with SIP roof option.

For the wall assembly, the drywall and felt paper are provided by others, but the remainder of the wall is part of the Timberpeg package. A six-and-a-half inch Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) is part of the standard wall assembly. This provides a minimum insulation value of R-23, and thicker panels can be used if more insulation is desirable. Timberpeg also provides the drainage plane material, exterior siding and trim, as well as top-quality windows as part of the package.

 SIPs being installed.

For the roof assembly, you can choose between a SIP system or our Wrap & Strap system. In either case, your interior ceiling will use 1x8 or 2x8 tongue and groove decking for a great appearance. In the SIP system, we will provide SIPs that are positioned above this decking and provide great insulation and vapor barrier. On top of this is vertical strapping, which ventilates the roof and helps keep the insulation effective. The plywood and underlayment atop this layer is provided by others, while the roofing shingles are part of the package.

Timberpeg Package with Wrap & Strap roof option.

The Wrap & Strap system is slightly different. Instead of using prefabricated SIPs, this system has Polyisocyanurate foam insulation sprayed in on site. This system needs a vapor barrier to be applied by others and uses a double layer of strapping for roof ventilation, but is otherwise similar to the SIP roof system. We will discuss the pros and cons of each roofing system in a future post.

We hope this discussion and video has helped you visualize all the components that come with the Timberpeg package. If you have any questions about building a Timber frame home, please contact us today.