Tips for a Stress Free Timber Frame Home Thanksgiving

With November here and Thanksgiving only three and a half weeks away, many of us are trying to get a start on planning for the holiday festivities. Even when planning ahead, however, the stress of hosting large numbers of family and friends for Thanksgiving dinner can become overwhelming. Luckily, there are several ways you can plan to help reduce stress, and several features of the average barn home can help pull off a stress free party. Here are a few ways to make your hosting experience a pleasant one.

Organize Your Entertaining Space

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One of the most important aspects of organizing your party is to plan where your guests will go. While you may be able to keep your guests in the great room if you have a large party, if you have a small number of guests they will likely congregate in the kitchen. Thankfully, a Timberpeg home lends itself well to an open concept kitchen that can accommodate guests while you are cooking. One way to reduce congestion in the kitchen is to set up drinks and appetizers elsewhere to draw people to the place you wish them to be.

Clean and Organize Fridge Space

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Even though refrigerators have grown larger in recent years, we always seem to find ways to fill them up. Before buying your perishable food items for Thanksgiving, thoroughly clean out your refrigerator and make room for the turkey and other items. If you have multiple refrigerators in your house, dedicate the most convenient one to Thanksgiving goods and move less used items elsewhere.

Make Fewer Side Dishes

While the phrase “the best part of Thanksgiving is the sides” may be true for many of us, cooking a large number of side dishes is quite stressful. Instead, concentrate on a few side dishes that will be popular with your guests. If you feel the need for a large number of sides, your guests can bring their own dishes to help out.

Plan Your Cooking

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Once you have your tentative side dishes planned, consider how you will cook everything. A turkey can take up a whole oven, but some dishes can be cooked after the turkey has been removed. Also, if you have a limited number of range burners (maybe four or fewer), so consider when each item needs to cook and make sure you can accommodate all of the dishes. If you have a woodstove, as Timberpeg homes often do, you can use that to simmer a sauce and free up a burner on the stove! We hope these tips help to keep your Thanksgiving free from stress.  Of course one major component of hosting a stress free Thanksgiving, is having a well designed home that's easy to maintain.  And that's where the design team at Timberpeg comes in.  If you're looking to design a timber frame home, or addition, contact them to learn more about the design process.