Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Plan Your Timber Frame Dream Home

While there is never a bad time to start planning your barn home, there are several factors that make this time of year a great time to do so. These reasons range from the personal effects that the change of seasons have upon us to the logistic realities of building a home.

One great reason to start planning your new home now is the new perspective that the winter months bring to your planning process. In most of the country, the longer daylight hours and more moderate temperatures of the summer encourage us to spend more time outside. As a result, while the kitchen and bedrooms still see the same amount of use in the summer, other rooms may not see significant use. Now that we stay inside more, it is easier to evaluate what works and what doesn’t in terms of room layout and design. Maybe in the summer it worked to have a detached garage but the cold weather leaves you longing for an attached garage? Maybe your living room saw little use in the summer but you now wish for a great room that is located closer to the kitchen? While the cold weather can also contribute to “cabin fever”, it also presents a great opportunity to consider a home design that will work better for you and your family.

In the winter, features like mudrooms become all the more important.


The holiday season also creates great opportunities for assessing what you need in a new home. If you are hosting parties this time of year, then take note of what issues come up at your parties. Perhaps everyone gathers in the kitchen and you could use a more open concept design? If instead you are attending parties at others’ homes this season, you can get even more ideas about home design details that contribute or detract from the ideal home.

Post and Beam Open Great Room

An open concept timber frame home design with adjacent great room, kitchen, and dining area makes for great entertaining.


While these personal reasons help you design a better home, the logistics of building a home also mean that this is a great time to start planning if you wish to build a home next year. Nationally, the average time it takes to build a home from the issuance of a building permit to completion is seven months. However, homes built for sale tend to lower this average, so homes built on an owner’s land take around 8 months nationally. The time taken to build a home is the shortest in the Mountain and Central states, at around 6 months, while homes in New England take up to 10 months to build. So, if you’re considering building a home next year, it’s important to get planning right away!  To learn how you can begin on a timber frame home design of your own, contact the design team at Timberpeg to get started.