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Real Estate Market Trends for 2014

With the New Year only days away, we thought it would be a good idea to look ahead to the future of the residential real estate market in the coming year. The strong housing market recovery in 2013 was a welcome surprise for many. Prices have risen about five percent countrywide, while some markets in the West have seen almost twenty-five percent growths in prices.

A Brief History of Christmas Decorations - Perfect for The Barn Home

With Christmas nearly upon us, many of us have decorated our houses with all manner of decorations from lights to tinsels and garlands. While we may consider these decorations to be routine, they have an interesting history in how they became tradition. Here are brief histories of some of the common decorations used during the holiday season, which may just inspire you to decorate your own barn home.

Ice Dams: A Problem of the Past with Proper Insulation

In the winter months, many homeowners throughout less temperate regions will experience snow and below freezing temperatures. And while you may find icicles on the side of a building to be a pleasant sign of the season, the formation of ice on the eaves of your home is a worrying sign of possible damage to your home. Icicles are a sign of an ice dam, which can be prevented with proper insulation or mitigated with temporary measures.

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Post and Beam Home

While it may seem like the dishes from Thanksgiving are barely cleaned, dried and stored away, there are only about two weeks of shopping days left before Christmas, due to this year’s compressed gift buying season (which is now in full swing.) If you have a post and beam homeowner on your gift list, and have yet to find something just right for them, then this list may be just what you need, from small to large gift ideas.


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