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Barn Inspired Trends for the Post and Beam Home

At Timberpeg, we make timber frame and post and beam houses to fit any homeowner’s tastes. From the seacoast to the mountains, we build houses ranging from traditional to modern styles. While some more traditional styles take obvious inspiration from the barn design, even more contemporary plans are incorporating elements of traditional design. Here are a few of the hottest barn style trends that have found their way into the modern post and beam home, as well as some resources on where you can shop for these barn home style items.

Home Security Tips for Your Timber Frame Home

Since our homes and the items we keep in them hold enormous monetary and sentimental value, it is natural to be concerned about home security. While most of us hope to live in a secure neighborhood, burglaries can unfortunately happen anywhere. In this post, we’ll discuss how to use alarm systems and simple design modifications to help secure your timber frame home from theft. We'll even go over a few behaviors that can help deter crime.

Hurricane Preparedness for Your Post and Beam Home

The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June to November, with the peak of the season rapidly approaching and running from mid-August to the beginning of October. While Timberpeg is renowned for their sturdiness in the face of tough weather, it is important for all homeowners in coastal areas to prepare for the hurricane season. Here are a few tips for hurricane preparedness, although most of these are good ideas to be prepared for any possible emergency.

Design Considerations for the Master Suite

These days, a master suite is not merely a place to sleep with an attached bathroom but also an extension of the aesthetic and function of the entire home. Since we spend about a third of our time sleeping in the bedroom, and additional time preparing for and unwinding from the day, you should give careful consideration to designing the master suite to match your lifestyle. Here are a few tips for designing your master suite and its relationship with the rest of the house.

LEED Certification for Your Post and Beam Home

We previously discussed how Timberpeg homes have several ecologically friendly features. If building a truly green home is important to you, then you may want to consider pursuing a LEED certification for your post and beam house. The US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is possibly the premier verification system for green homes. A LEED certified building is already very environmentally friendly, and the higher levels of Silver, Gold or Platinum certification denote even greater levels of sustainability. Here are some details to consider if you might want to pursue a LEED certification, as well as ways in which a Timberpeg home can help you meet this goal. 

Drywall vs Plaster - What to Use in Your Timber Frame Home?

One of the great benefits of a timber frame home is that the walls do not carry any load, so you are free to place walls wherever you desire and as few as you desire. Even in the most open concept house, however, you will be putting in walls for rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms. Although other wall choices are possible, drywall and plaster walls are the most common choices, so here are some points to help you decide between the two. One of the largest advantages of drywall over plaster is cost, which is mostly driven by the amount of labor required. Prices vary by market, but expect a plaster wall to cost 40% to several times more than a drywall installation of the same size. Another advantage of drywall is that it is more forgiving of any movement in the building and cracks are easier to patch, so if you live in a seismically active area drywall may be the better bet.

Barn Homes: The Ecologically Friendly Choice

In decades past, homes were constructed without much concern for their ecological footprint. Insulation was given little thought, and cheap energy was used to heat or cool the house as needed. Now, as energy prices climb and people become more environmentally conscious, more attention is focused on our houses. The homes from Timberpeg have several features that make them a great aesthetic choice as well as a great choice for the environment. Below, we’ll discuss how our homes' construction will save you money in the long run while helping protect the environment.

A High-Tech Bathroom for Your Barn Home

A year ago, we posted about desirable design elements for a master bathroom. We’re sure that most will agree that the expansive vanities, seating areas, and soaking tubs mentioned there are all desirable features of the modern bathroom. Despite their larger size and comfort levels, most modern bathrooms are still decidedly low-tech, with manual faucets for sinks and showers, and toilets that seem unchanged in design except for better water conservation. With technology pervading every aspect of our lives these days, the bathroom is finally catching up to the rest of the house. Here are a few of the neatest high-tech bathroom ideas for you to consider.

Cork Flooring for Your New Barn Home

Cork Flooring is not a new concept, and due to its sound-absorbing qualities has been used in places like libraries and theaters. Recently, cork flooring has become a very popular option for use in the home. Like all flooring choices, cork has benefits and drawbacks, which we will consider below. Cork comes from the cork oak tree (Quercus suber), which is native to southern Europe and North Africa. The cork material comes from the outer bark of the tree, which can be harvested every nine to twelve years while the tree will continue to grow. As a result, cork products are a renewable resource and very environmentally sound. Once the bark is harvested and dries, high-value uses like bottle stoppers will be cut from the cork. The scraps from these processes, or recycled cork, is then ground up and compressed into shape with adhesive resins. The number of colors and styles possible are similar to other flooring options.

Designing a Home Theater for your Barn Home

Summer is upon us, and thus so are summer blockbuster movies. Although going out to a movie still has its charm, a real cinema buff will want a dedicated room at home for viewing films. Since it's much easier to design a space for a dedicated cinema during original construction rather than as an addition, if a home cinema may be in your future you should consider planning for it at barn home design time. Whether you design a theater from the beginning or add one later, consider these points to help you design a great space to watch movies in your barn home.


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