Designing Your Timber Frame

We've been designing homes since 1974 resulting in thousands of timber frame homes and plans. Not only can our team help you design a new home, but they can also help you design a timber frame home addition, a custom workshop or garage, a pool house, whatever timber frame structure you desire, we're there to work with you and make it happen. Although some customers choose already existing plans with slight modifications, many customers use the plans they see on our website or literature as inspiration for their own custom home.​

In most cases the design phase begins with initial sketches worked out by either you and your Timberpeg® Independent Representative, your architect, or one of our in-house designers. The Design group, using ARCHICAD® software, begins by converting these sketches into 1/4" scale computer generated drawings of your floor plans and elevations, creating the preliminary set of drawings.

The preliminary drawings are sent to you along with an isometric drawing of your timber frame for approval. If changes are needed they are red-lined and re-submitted to the Design group for revisions. The revisions are made and once again the drawings will be sent to you for approval.

Upon approval of the final floor plan design and timber frame, more drawings, showing the foundation plan, and details are created. The Design group, using Cadwork® software, also creates a computer generated 3-D model of the timber frame design. From this 3-D timber frame model the software then enables us to extract a 2-D timber frame drawing and the code that can be fed into our Hundegger® automated joinery machine.

This information is used by Timberpeg Manufacturing to fabricate the frame for your timber frame home. The end result is an accurately cut timber frame and a comprehensive set of final drawings, which are used by Timberpeg® to fabricate your timber frame and your contractor to build your new home.


Watch our webinar to learn how to get the home and plan that's just right for you

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In jurisdictions where stamped plans are required, a local consulting engineer should be hired to work with our design group to provide the needed timber frame structural services. This is because they are licensed in the state involved, and are able to verify specific local requirements such as soil conditions. Typically the timber frame consulting engineer is hired directly by the customer.