Lakewood, NH (5924)

Lakewood, NH (5924)Lakewood, NH (5924)Lakewood, NH (5924)Lakewood, NH (5924)Lakewood, NH (5924)Lakewood, NH (5924)Lakewood, NH (5924)Lakewood, NH (5924)Lakewood, NH (5924)Lakewood, NH (5924)Lakewood, NH (5924)Lakewood, NH (5924)Lakewood, NH (5924)

2010 Timber Frame of the Year Award from the Timber Frame Business Council

Constructed from Douglas Fir, this timber frame vacation home is not only beautiful, but extremely energy efficient. At the request of the owner, someone committed to conservation and the environment, geothermal heat, solar hot water and solar electricity were added in addition to the many other “green” features already included in the home. Although the initial expense was significant, the owner felt these features would be beneficial to her family in later years, and would payoff in the long run.

With an open floor plan, for the living, dining room and kitchen, this home features a first floor master suite with cedar siding and cathedral great room that boasts king post trusses. A second floor loft overlooks the great room and the view beyond. Incorporating a European feel to the home, the owner requested that each bedroom have a single sink “en suite” as well as a bath that had its tub and sink separate from the toilet, allowing for separate use. 

"I had an excellent working relationship with Jay [of Old Hampshire Designs, the Timberpeg Independent Representative]. He would have done anything I insisted on (like tiling the kitchen floor) but he used his experience to point out other possibilities. When he explained that the tile wouldn't flow as well and suggested wood, for example, I realized he was right. Jay was flexible and accommodating and so was I. We had a very good relationship. Jay has incredible integrity and it was a pleasure to work with him."

Timberpeg Lakewood Timber Frame Home

Lakewood, NH (5924)Lakewood, NH (5924)Lakewood, NH (5924)
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