Montreat, NC (5424)

Montreat, NC (5424)Montreat, NC (5424)Montreat, NC (5424)Montreat, NC (5424)Montreat, NC (5424)Montreat, NC (5424)Montreat, NC (5424)Montreat, NC (5424)Montreat, NC (5424)Montreat, NC (5424)Montreat, NC (5424)Montreat, NC (5424)Montreat, NC (5424)Montreat, NC (5424)Montreat, NC (5424)

We had looked at other timber frame possibilities with a local builder, but he wasn't willing to work with our budget. [Our Timberpeg Independent Representative] Ken was a great listener and able to stay within our budget, and he was very open about what we could expect. He worked hard to get within our range. Just a little footnote that might interest you: Gill and I have a new member of our family, a little brown puppy from the local Animal Shelter whom we named "Timber". Now we are really sharing about Timberpeg as folks ask us how we chose his name!

Montreat, NC (5424)The Montreat(5424)- First Floor PlanThe Montreat(5424)- Second floor Plan
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1 503.00
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