Spencertown, NY (2700)

Spencertown, MA (2700)Spencertown, MA (2700)Spencertown, MA (2700)Spencertown, MA (2700)Spencertown, MA (2700)Spencertown, MA (2700)Spencertown, MA (2700)Spencertown, MA (2700)Spencertown, MA (2700)Spencertown, MA (2700)Spencertown, MA (2700)Spencertown, MA (2700)Spencertown, MA (2700)Spencertown, MA (2700)

"How many people have you heard of who have come through the home building process and still talk to their contractor? Rarer still, how many people do you know of who still like their contractor? I was warned that the process of building a house would be stressful, torturesome, aggravating, disappointing, relationship straining, exhausting and expensive. Instead, building our Timberpeg house was one of the most exciting experiences of my life, and for that pleasure, I owe a lot to Jim DeLorenzo [Timberpeg Independent Representative] and his team. There are so few times in life when the project you imagine turns out to be as good as the one in your head. This one turned out even better than that. Throughout the year of our building process we marveled at the intense level of care and professionalism that Jim and his team exhibited. If there were problems, and naturally there are always delays, changes, and unforeseen issues in the building process, they were dealt with with intelligence, a sense of responsibility and a focus on finding the right solution to get back on track. Everywhere you look there are details that only people with pride in what they do could accomplish. I have a dream house that really is a dream. And I have Jim De Lorenzo and the people from Landmark Builders to thank for that."

Spencertown, MA (2700)Spencertown, MA (2700)Spencertown, MA (2700)
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2 550.00
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