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Designing Your Ideal Master Closet

The fall is upon us and the time has come to change our wardrobes to reflect the cooler temperatures of the days ahead. With this in mind, we thought it was the perfect time to discuss considerations for designing your master closet space. Perhaps you own an older house, which despite its charm was constructed with smaller closets, and are looking to renovate your storage space. Or maybe you are looking to build a new post and beam home and need some tips to consider when designing your closet space. 

Design Considerations for the Master Suite

These days, a master suite is not merely a place to sleep with an attached bathroom but also an extension of the aesthetic and function of the entire home. Since we spend about a third of our time sleeping in the bedroom, and additional time preparing for and unwinding from the day, you should give careful consideration to designing the master suite to match your lifestyle. Here are a few tips for designing your master suite and its relationship with the rest of the house.

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