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Coventry Regional Farmers' Market wins a Post & Beam Barn

Coventry Regional Farmers' Market, more commonly referred to as CRFM by market enthusiasts, has a following that is usually equated with celebrities. With help from their amazing fan base, CRFM won the Great Barn Giveaway; a contest held by WHS Homes, Inc. and its family of brands, AMERICAN POST & BEAM, TIMBERPEG and REAL LOG HOMES, in conjunction with the Farmers Market Coalition and the American Farmland Trust. The contest's mission was to find the most deserving farmers market in the country and bestow upon them a custom Post and Beam barn. The barns grand reveal on Sunday, June 17th is just around the corner and it seemed only fitting to take a look back at the process of designing and building CRFM's custom post and beam barn.

Different Finishes For a Post and Beam Frame

The framing in a Timberpeg home can be kept very minimal thanks to our structural insulated wall panels, and many clients opt for a simple frame that looks clean and modern.  Of course, others like the look of the frame so much they want a lot of it to show.  Either way yields a beautiful energy-efficient home. While there is a wide range in the amount of framing used, there’s also an equally wide range of ways that clients can finish their post and beam frames.  Here are a few of the different frame finishes our clients have chosen through the years.  We’ll start with the darkest, and progress towards the lightest.

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