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Letting the Sunlight Into Your Post and Beam Home

One of the most important investment decisions that has to be made when designing and building a home is the window selection. There is a reason we say windows are an investment when building your post and beam home - the windows will likely be a significant percentage of the total upfront cost but they can also have a big payback over time if the proper windows are selected and placement is strategic. Nowadays, the windows being installed in your beautiful new home are dual paned for superior energy efficiency and usually have an insulating gas, argon, that fills the space between the two panes. Sounds scientific? It is. The shapes, styles, and placement of windows allow light to fill your home in different ways. Take our word that the quality of the windows you install is not something you want to sacrifice. It is also important to understand your building site and the sun's positioning at different times of the day and year so you can begin planning during the early design phase.  Let's explore some amazing interior photos showcasing the power of fenestration.

It's Often the Little Things That Make a Big Impact

When you're building or own a post and beam home, you soon realize that much of the beauty of your home is in the details. Of course, one aspect that makes owning a post and beam home fantastic, is the soaring timbers and natural beauty of the wood, but it's the little  touches you put in your home that make it truly feel special. It's also those little things that seemingly make the biggest impact on friends and family who come to visit. And who doesn't like to hear 'I love the way you designed your staircase!' or my personal favorite 'You have such exquisite taste!' 

The Chatham Floor Plan

This post and beam, barn style home plan has been one of our most popular homes.  It has a classic barn style appeal especially when finished in red board and batten siding, and topped with the traditional barn style topper - a cupola.


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