Timber Frame Home Photos – Gathering Ideas

With the growth of internet usage, and particularly social media usage, it’s become easier than ever to go hunting for ideas, solutions and inspiration.  Simple Google image searches can help you find what you’re looking for, but another great way to cruise for ideas is by using Pinterest to create idea boards.  We see a fair amount of Timberpeg photos being pinned and thought it would be fun to post some of the most popular photos.

A quiet little loft space

This cozy space, in a whitewashed Timerpeg home has gotten a lot of pins from timber frame home fans.  Maybe it’s the cozy tree house feeling, or maybe there are a lot of avid readers out there longing for a library space like this.  All we know is that this timber frame home photo is a crowd favorite that hopefully gets people thinking about crafting their own little quiet space.  We particularly love the hanging star lanterns that add an ethereal quality to the space.

A South Carolina Grand Entry

South Carolina Timber Frame Home

This timber frame home built in South Carolina has such charm, elegance and class, it’s no wonder it is such a popular choice for pinning.  With its grand staircase leading up to the front porch it’s a true stunner that seems to welcome you in with all the fabled southern hospitality we hear so much about.  And it really departs from the stereotype so many have about timber frame homes and that they only look like New England style capes and lake homes.  A timber frame home can be built with any design style in mind.  Pin this one if you like to be unique and break the mold.

A Massachusetts Great Room

Timber Frame Great Room with Curved Trusses

The great room of this Massachusetts timber frame home has some very unique trusses indeed.  The entire home itself is unique, built to look like a home added on to a lighthouse.  You can see the entire timber frame home here.  But, the unique style of these timber frame trusses no doubt contributes to the number of pins it gets.  People love unique styles, and design ideas that are uncommon – and this fits right in with that concept. Pin away!

A New Hampshire Lakefront Stunner

Timber Frame Home on Lake with Dock and Kayak

Whether or not you’re a lover of timber frame home photos, we think you’ll find something to love about this photo.  Taken from the dock of a New Hampshire timber frame home, it captures the spirit of living in a natural setting and taking in all the joie de vivre afforded by such lush surroundings.  Even if you don’t enjoy kayaking, the thought of resting on the dock and watching the sun go down should bring a smile to most peoples’ faces.  It will also be a great addition to your inspirational pin board. We hope you’ve enjoyed the peek at what photos have been popular as of late.  To see all of Timberpeg’s pins, please visit the Timberpeg Pinterest page.  If you think you’ve got a truly inspirational pin board, leave us a comment or share with us on Facebook.  Happy timber frame home photo hunting!