Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

"Amazing product and great customer support from our local Timberpeg rep, Dana [Miller, Regional Manager]. Love the product and look. It's breathtakingly beautiful!"

- Bill Price, Mineral Springs, NC

"Austin, [our Regional Manager] was a source for knowledgeable and compassionate insight when we were most frustrated with financing issues. We felt he was able to remain professional while really understanding our situation on a personal level. We really do appreciate that Austin and Timberpeg could set aside any internal protocols and give our project the time to develop that ended up being necessary. We wish some of the other institutions involved in the process had shown as much professionalism. I am not overstating it when I say it was a difference-maker."

- David & Chris Hoyt, Pullman, WA

"We didn't hesitate for a moment on choosing Timberpeg. When it came to building our second home, there was no question that we'd do it again with Timberpeg. Based on the quality of Timberpeg materials, there was no motivation for us to choose another timber framer."

- Jim & Rae Ludke

"Every stage was exciting, fun and rewarding. We loved the process and did not want it to end. Our Timberpeg Representative was amazing. We loved working with him and give him an A+ for all he did. We cannot imagine how you could possibly improve your operation. It is top-notch!"

- Warren & Anna Jane Krebs

"Holding an open house at our Timberpeg was a lot of fun. It was especially great to see all the interest in our project. It really speaks to the talent at both Timberpeg and Samyn-D'Elia Architects and the passion for your work that brings people out into the field with their families on the weekend to share the experience.
We have a deep appreciation for everyone who has contributed their talents to helping us realize our dream. On a beautiful spring day like it was for our open home, we also remember the five degree day in December when the timberframing began. Bob Britton [of Timberpeg] was there shoulder to shoulder with the crew throughout the day. We are thrilled with both product and process and can't wait to take occupancy for the summer season."

- Mark & Lisa Olsheski

"How many people have you heard of who have come through the home building process and still talk to their contractor? Rarer still, how many people do you know of who still like their contractor. I was warned that the process of building a house would be stressful, torturesome, aggravating, disappointing, relationship straining, exhausting and expensive. Instead, building our Timberpeg house was one of the most exciting experiences of my life, and for that pleasure, I owe a lot to Jim DeLorenzo [Timberpeg Independent Representative] and his team. There are so few times in life when the project you imagine turns out to be as good as the one in your head. This one turned out even better than that. Throughout the year of our building process we marveled at the intense level of care and professionalism that Jim and his team exhibited. If there were problems, and naturally there are always delays, changes, and unforeseen issues in the building process, they were dealt with with intelligence, a sense of responsibility and a focus on finding the right solution to get back on track. Everywhere you look there are details that only people with pride in what they do could accomplish. I have a dream house that really is a dream. And I have Jim De Lorenzo and the people from Landmark Builders to thank for that."

- Hal Rubenstein & David Nickle

"Throughout the planning period, and during the build, Bob [president of Timberpeg East, Inc.] and Mike [independent representative] worked tirelessly to ensure that our every query was answered, all our concerns were addressed and helped us through the import and building process. We are absolutely delighted with our TIMBERPEG home, and cannot praise the Timberpeg(r) team too highly for their attention to detail and first class customer service. It really is a "Grand Design".
Quite apart from the stunning interior effect of the wood, which, by the way, very much exceeded my expectations, the house is very comfortable. The combination of under floor heating and the high level of insulation has produced a completely draft free living space. In fact, in mid-winter, the cost of electricity for heat and hot water was less than the cost for everything else (lighting, TV, computers and fridges etc)."

- Mr. & Mrs. McAusland

"We had looked at other timber frame possibilities with a local builder, but he wasn't willing to work with our budget. [Our Timberpeg Independent Representative] Ken was a great listener and able to stay within our budget, and he was very open about what we could expect. He worked hard to get within our range. Just a little footnote that might interest you: Gill and I have a new member of our family, a little brown puppy from the local Animal Shelter whom we named "Timber". Now we are really sharing about Timberpeg as folks ask us how we chose his name!"

- Martha & Gill Campbell

"I had an excellent working relationship with [My Timberpeg Independent Representative] Jay. He would have done anything I insisted on (like tiling the kitchen floor) but he used his experience to point out other possibilities. When he explained that the tile wouldn't flow as well and suggested wood, for example, I realized he was right. Jay was flexible and accommodating and so was I. We had a very good relationship. Jay has incredible integrity and it was a pleasure to work with him."

- Virginia Mars

"We didn't want a showplace lodge - we wanted something with the feel of a mountain cabin. Timberpeg executed perfectly on our package, and the quality is superb."

- Dennis & Jan Austin

"We wanted a new house that looked like it had been here a while. We've traveled a great deal in Europe and the earthy European design with timbers showing, the rough stone and plaster appealed to us....We're into details and not into size so we wanted a builder who could put our dream into a design."

- John & Jeannine Regan

"We visited the [Timberpeg] plant to watch our timbers being cut. They were very hospitable and gave us a lot of their time. Glenn Robertson [the Timberpeg Independent Representative] was the only representative of the several timberframe companies we interviewed who really took the time to listen and understand our aspirations and ideas. He listened very carefully to the logic of our layout, and improved its functionality while keeping its essence. Glenn and Dana Miller [Regional Manager for Timberpeg] added several nice touches."

-Homeowners Wintergreen, VA

"Our decision to work with Timberpeg was based on looking at photos and promotional literature provided by various firms. We kept coming back to the beauty of the Timberpeg structures. We were pleased to learn that there was a Timberpeg representative in our area (Tom Ela) and arranged to meet with him. While we originally planned to meet with several different firms, we decided to go with Timberpeg after our first meeting with Tom. Our impression was that working with Timberpeg would result in a design that we would like and would allow us to work with an outstanding local contractor and local subcontractors. When a career opportunity presented itself in Wisconsin, we jumped at the chance to return to our native state and to begin building. Going into the building process, our expectations were high and we can honestly say that the experience far exceeded our hopes!"

- Homeowners Southeast, WI

"You won't be surprised to hear that we have received many compliments on the house. The subs on the job have all been impressed by the quality and look of the place, and that makes them want to do their part better which adds to the quality of the entire project. One thing we really like about our house is the scale and proportions. We knew we didn't want a McMansion, but we needed more than a little cottage. We ended up with a house that suits our taste and also fits our needs. That's a real accomplishment."

- Homeowners Montauk, NY

"I chose Timberpeg to supply the timber frame and enclosure materials because they are committed to responsible and sustainable design techniques and provide framing and materials that are energy efficient and environmentally responsible. My Timberpeg local Independent Representative, Glenn Robertson has been available throughout with even the must mundane questions. He has always been very patient and most importantly encouraging all the way."

- Dr. Kenneth Green

"[Regional Manager] Vince Scamporino was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He was genuinely helpful and made every possible effort to assist with and make recommendations to the design plan. He was intimately familiar with materials and complex options and without his help I would have been unable to achieve the perfect house...More significantly, Vince possesses the rare ability to meld his professional skills with his very personable demeanor."

- Robert Ungaro, NY

"We can't say enough wonderful things about [Independent Representative] Jeff Harris and his crew!!"

- Richard Page, NH

"Patti and I are enjoying working with Jim [Timberpeg Independent Rep. and builder] on the construction of our house. He is a real pro and his team does very high quality work. It's been amazing to watch our dream vacation home materialize as we always imagined it, thanks to Jim and his talented crew...he is easy to collaborate with, and has a fine eye for detail and quality that clearly shows in the final product."

- Dan Romanello, CT

"Would not build anything else. Very adaptable to design ideas, both interior and exterior. Beautiful, high-quality end product. Bill Stevens [Timberpeg Independent Rep.] has been a wealth of knowledge and has exhibited superior ability to work with the customer throughout the entire building process. He was our rep. as well as our builder."

- Jill and Derek Berry, PA

"Building this house was the experience of a life time, but living in it is even better than I imagined it could be. Nothing I've ever lived in begins to compare to this place."

- Don Sobiski, NY

"This house turned out to be very special - It astonishes others who see it the first time and more importantly, it makes me smile every time I look at it. Well done."

- Larry Dingman, MO

"Absolutely wonderful, quality people, quality product."

- Elen and Mark Grove, VA

"I felt that your services dramatically enhanced that presented by our architect. Great Listeners!"

- Peter and Debra Brnger, NH

"This is our second Timberpeg and we want to stay put in the Upper Connecticut Valley. If things change we'll do another. This project was exceptionally well handled."

- Matthew and Roberta Merrens, VT

"We so love our Timberpeg house that you all worked to create. The timbers are truly beautiful. Everything came in excellent condition and fit together like a glove."

- Janet and Jeff Derick, NC

"Every aspect of the services provided from design to end of construction was professionally done. We were not left in the dark at any time."

- Tim and Jan Dennis, VA

"Yes, the individuals we worked with at each phase of the project (design, delivery and construction) were the nicest, most professional people I have ever worked with. They listened and worked to find the best solution every step of the way. We had a dream, and with Timberpeg and Tom Clark it became a reality."

- Charles Black, MA

"Jeff Harris and his crew made the experience of building a home for the first time worry-free and enjoyable. His suggestions/comments kept us out of trouble."

- Thomas Cosgrove, NJ


Not to brag, but over the past five decades Timberpeg homes have been featured in several of the most popular publications in the custom home and interior design industries.

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