Below is a list of questions we frequently receive. If you would like to ask a question of your own please use our contact form. We’ll be sure to respond as quickly as possible.

How do I begin?

Start by contacting your Timberpeg® Independent Representative who is closest to you. To find an Independent Representative in your area visit the WHERE WE BUILD page.

is a timberpeg "Post & beam" or "timber frame"?

The above question is common from someone uninitiated to our industry. Our answer is that we are BOTH! Post & beam construction is a centuries old technique of joining vertical posts and horizontal beams to create the skeletal frame of a building. Post & beam construction materials need not be solid timber. Often, they are steel posts, concrete and laminated conventional lumber. Most post & beam manufacturers simply use exposed metal plates and through-bolts to secure the members together.

A timber frame home is a classification of post & beam construction. The majority of Timberpeg homes use the timber frame construction method, which is to build using solid timbers with integral mortise-and-tenon joinery, secured with wooden pegs eliminating the need for unsightly exposed metal fasteners. Occasionally, we may use pre-installed and concealed bolted timber connections when requirements suggest that a wood-to-steel connection may be preferable. We also have clients who specifically request exposed metal connections because they like the aesthetic. Our over-riding goal is to provide you with the most secure timber frame that will withstand the test of time. Whatever you desire, our team will work with you.  Learn more about our dedicated in-house design department on the DESIGN page.

How long does it take to build a TIMBERPEG timber frame home?

The construction time for any home is governed, of course, by numerous factors, from site difficulty to the size of the home. The basic rule of thumb, though, is that a Timberpeg home will take approximately the same time to build as a conventionally built home. The frame is usually erected in a week or less. The weather tight shell usually takes another two to four weeks. To learn more visit the OUR PROCESS page.

Do you provide just the timber frame?

No, not usually. Our components and details have been carefully selected and engineered to work together as a complete Building System. We offer several optional components and can accommodate other selected materials and custom details as part of the Timberpeg Package. Visit the OUR PACKAGE page for more detailed information on what is included.

How complete are your packages?

Our packages include well-detailed blueprints, a mortise and tenoned timber frame, interior finish for exterior walls and roof, sub-floor/ceiling decking between levels, insulation for exterior walls and roof, any required blocking and strapping, hand-split cedar shakes (or an alternative) for roofing, clear cedar siding and trim, windows, all fasteners and on-site instruction for assembly by the local contractor. The components we provide include virtually everything necessary for the exterior shell of the building. When these materials are assembled, the building appears finished on the outside. All windows, doors and roof windows are installed, the building is fully insulated and the interior surfaces of all exterior walls and ceilings are completely finished. Visit the OUR PACKAGE page for more detailed information on what is included.

What is included in the TIMBERPEG Package?

The Timberpeg® Package includes a full mortise and tenon, timber frame, and a package of materials to fully enclose the timber frame in an insulated, weather tight shell. These materials, acting in concert with one another, are more than just a “package”; they constitute a total Building System.Visit the OUR PACKAGE page for more detailed information on what is included.

What are your R-values?

What R-value do you need? The flexibility of our system allows us to easily achieve whichever R-value you feel is appropriate. Most of our customers stay with our standard insulation system, which achieves approximately R-22 in both walls and roof. When codes require higher R-values, we can achieve them easily up to R-30 and R-38. Visit the OUR PACKAGE page for more information.

How long has Timberpeg been in business?

We have been in business for over four decades and are veterans of nearly 5,000 timber frame projects, both nationally and internationally. We cut our first timber frame (a small pool cabana) in the fall of 1972. We built our prototype building in 1973, and our first advertising appeared in 1974. Visit the ABOUT US page to learn more about our history.


Several members of our Shop and Design group have been with us from the beginning. Many others have been here for 10 to 15 years. The other members of the Timberpeg team bring just as much experience to the table. Some of our regional sales managers have been with us for over 20 years and have seen many changes in the industry. They know what it takes to move a project forward, and the Independent Representatives they work with have the local experience customers need. Learn more about our team by visiting the ABOUT US page.

What are the qualifications of your design department?

Jim Driesch, Director of Design, has over 40 years of experience in designing timber frame homes and commercial projects. He leads a team of designers, drafters and technical wizards who are dedicated timber frame enthusiasts; many of whom have been with us for well over 10 years.

Our plans are produced in AutoCAD. In addition to floor plans and elevations, we include a complete foundation plan (or suggested layout when engineering is required), working drawings of your timber frame and many details, including exterior trim options and skylight installation instructions. Our design team can modify one of our existing plans to meet your needs, design you a custom timber frame home unlike any other or, if you choose, work directly with your architect. Learn more about our dedicated in-house design department on the DESIGN page.

Am I limited to the plans featured on your website or in your literature?

Over 95% of the timber frame designs we produce are custom. Often this is a variation on a theme from an existing plan and is developed with the Independent Representative. Sometimes it is based on a plan from your architect, or it can be a collaboration between you and one of our designers.

Who will I work with?

We ship timber frame homes EVERYWHERE, nationally and even internationally. The majority of our customers enjoy the benefits of working with one of our local Independent Representatives. Since there are over 70 Independent Representatives nationwide and internationally, chances are good that there is one not too far from your building site. If not, one of our Regional Managers will be glad to assist you with your building plans.

Our centralized design staff provides state-of-the-art support directly to the local Independent Representatives and they are well versed in local building codes. Past customers have been quite impressed with the level of documentation and professional attention to detail that our no-surprises approach to the building process encompasses. When we don’t have an answer, we find it.  Several architects have even used Timberpeg for their personal homes. One of the advantages of working with an organization like ours is that each timber frame project is reviewed by many sets of eyes. Visit our WHERE WE BUILD page to find an Independent Representative near you.

Who will erect our TIMBERPEG Package?

A Timberpeg Independent Representative, or company employee, will be at your site to assist the unloading process and then to work with your general contractor in the erection of the Timberpeg timber frame. This person will also be available, if required, during the enclosure of the shell, and will be on-call should any questions arise throughout the building process. We learned early on that traveling crews are not the most efficient way to deal with remote sites. Forcing clients to pay for travel, lodging and meal expenses, when a local crew could do the job just as well, didn’t seem appropriate. Because we ship to many foreign countries, our fabricating shop is dedicated to producing a package of such accuracy that on-site adjusting has been virtually eliminated. Our timber frames are so well documented, and so easy to assemble, that it is necessary to send only one experienced person to work with a local crew. Our many years of experience allow us to work with a local contractor before delivery and guide him or her to a realistic estimate of the hours needed to assemble the Timberpeg components. Many customers feel it is an advantage to have the general contractor they select to complete their home also be responsible for frame erection. This eliminates “finger pointing” later in the building process. If you would like to subcontract frame erection, we can often suggest someone experienced with Timberpeg who is nearby and able to assume the subcontract responsibilities. CONTACT US for more information.

What "green" features does Timberpeg offer?

We offer a multitude of green features for our homes well beyond the standard energy efficiency of a timber frame home. While timber framing was recently named one of the top 15 eco-friendly trends in building we strive to offer additional products and services to help the environment and increase the efficiency of our homes. We choose only the finest products for our homes such as certified timbers, energy efficient SIPS and low-e windows. When possible, our Douglas fir comes from blown-down or small lot cuttings and our eastern white pine from local producers. Although most of our buildings use new wood, recycled timbers from older, demolished structures are available on request. Douglas fir timbers are available certified for chain-of-custody as coming from well-managed forests adhering to strict environmental and socioeconomic standards in accordance with the principles and criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). To read more about eco-friendly building visit our Building Green page.

Do you offer products from sustainable forests?

We are extremely proud to source our timber products from vendors who offer a variety of components from sustainable forests. To read more about the different products and certifications, visit our Building Green page.

Do you offer recycled or reclaimed timbers?

Your Independent Representative will be more than happy to help locate reclaimed timbers from local sources and many Independent Representatives have done so for customers in the past. However availability and pricing will vary based on where you are planning to build. To find an Independent Representative near you, click here.

Can Timberpeg design and manufacture an Energy Star® home?

A number of Independent Representatives have designed and helped customers construct EnergyStar® homes. A Timberpeg package in general lends itself very well to certification as many of the components, will help you easily achieve points towards EnergyStar®, LEED®, and the National Association of Home Builders Green Building Guidelines. Visit our BUILDING GREEN page to find out more.

Can we talk to other TIMBERPEG home owners?

Yes. We will be happy to introduce you to other Timberpeg home owners so that you can discuss their home-building experience with them. We can also supply testimonial letters. Visiting a long-standing Timberpeg timber frame house will allow you to see how the wood ages and how tight the frame remains. Check out what our customers have to say on our TESTIMONIALS page.

What does a Timberpeg cost?

This question can be as hard to answer as, “How much does a red car cost?” Just as there is a big difference between the cost of a red Toyota Corolla and a red Lexus, the cost of a Timberpeg home can also have quite a range. The decisions you make about the size of the home, the finish choices, the complexity of the design, and also the market your site is located in will all have an effect on the final cost of your Timberpeg.

Our job is to help you design a timber frame home that satisfies your requirements for space, compliments your site, fits your budget, offers long term value, and enhances your lifestyle. Your new home should be fun to live in, economical to maintain, provide a refuge, and be an expression of your personal tastes. Timberpeg is eager to help you attain these qualities in your new timber frame home.

The finished cost of Timberpeg homes can vary from $300-$400+ per-square-foot of living space, or more, depending on many factors. Whether your Timberpeg home will be a “design-driven” or “budget-driven” project will affect which end of the spectrum the final cost arrives.

Every year, we work with clients who have very specific design requirements, as well as clients who have specific budgets, and many in between. Let us know what your goals are, whether it is an elaborate Timberpeg home with an octagonal, tapered, timber framed lighthouse feature, or a simple weekend cottage that you build on your own. Both of these Timberpeg homes will feature the quality and commitment of our design department, manufacturing craftsmen, and our Independent Representatives across the country. Call us for an open and frank discussion on costs and how we can help you with a Timberpeg design that fits your ideal budget or includes the features your new home should have.