TIMBERPEG non – residential projects

We’ve been incorporating timber framing into our commercial buildings since long before it was “on-trend”. Aside from giving your space remarkable aesthetic appeal, there are multiple reasons for using this traditional method of design and construction. When keeping costs down and time frame are important post and beam construction can’t be beat! Using a Hundegger CNC machine our timbers are cut quickly and accurately allowing for a faster turn-around time and less work on-site. A renewable resource, wood is an environmentally friendly material, making it a clear choice when sustainability is a priority. Due to the thickness and density, wood beams are inherently fire-resistant and because of their strength and dimensional stability, offer a “greener” alternative to other commercial construction materials such as steel, and concrete.

And if the above reasons aren’t enough, consider the flexibility, warmth, beauty and visual drama a post and beam structure can add to a space. With its exposed elements, a timber frame can be designed to fit any style from traditional to modern, rustic or sophisticated.