Owera Vineyards (T00750)

Cazenovia, NY #T00750

This facility showcases the range that Timberpeg has to offer. On the one hand, we can construct small structures, such as the pergola that Owera Vineyards uses for outside weddings and other gatherings. While modest, the craftsmanship and attention to detail in these pergolas make them a welcome addition to any property.

Furthermore, Timberpeg constructed the frame for the main winery building on the property. It features a classic barn shape, appropriate in this rural setting in upstate New York. The inside of the winery has a minimalistic atmosphere, with a single, large tasting room and wine production facilities beyond. The tasting room’s open nature freely showcases the posts and beams, evoking the feel of a renovated barn. The expansive, unique countertop is a visual showstopper, which is easily accommodated by the wide-open floor plan that is afforded by the timber frame construction.

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Photos courtesy of Tess Moran Photography.