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Wisconsin is the heart of America’s northern region, yet few know how much this state has to offer. While we may all know of Wisconsin’s rich history of craft brewing and status as “America’s Dairyland,” the Badger State also has vibrant cities, such as Milwaukee, picturesque lakeside towns, more than 15,000 lakes, and 60 state parks. Of course, it also borders not one but two of the Great Lakes.

If you’re looking for a place to build your timber frame home where you can easily escape into nature and enjoy some peace and quiet while always having access to arts, culture, and entertainment, you could hardly do better than Wisconsin. Let Timberpeg help make your dream a reality. We are post and beam home designers who have been trusted by house hunters and architects since 1974.

Timberpeg offers dozens of designs for sustainably built timber frame houses that mesh beautifully with their surroundings and can accommodate any family’s functional needs and aesthetic preferences. Beyond delivering innovative post and beam home designs, we can help connect our customers with local custom home builders in Wisconsin, such as Great Lakes Carpentry, Inc., or Timber Construction, Inc., to make the home building process as easy as possible.



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Popular Timberpeg Home Designs for Wisconsin

Aldo Leopold Nature Center (4206)

Southeast, WI (T00440)

Lake Park Friends Bandstand (T00660)

Hess Lake Lodge (5698)

Chagrin Falls Barn Home (T00160)

Water's Edge Cottage (T00494)

Center Harbor Lake House (T00463)

Lake Wylie Modified Cape (T00264)



Northwest Wisconsin

Build your timber frame home on the coast of Lake Superior, along the St. Croix River, or at the edge of one of thousands of lakes that dot northwest Wisconsin. Admire the waterfall at Pattison State Park, explore remote coastal islands, such as the Apostle Islands, or simply relax on your porch and relish the fresh air.

Lake Michigan

Why choose between enjoying natural surroundings and big-city amenities? Building your timber frame home on Lake Michigan means you’ll have easy access to Milwaukee and Green Bay while being able to escape to the serene lake or into a nearby natural area, such as High Cliff State Park.

Central Wisconsin

Looking for a tranquil retreat or forever home? Have your custom home builder create your post and beam home where the Wisconsin River meanders through the heart of the state. Reconnect with nature by visiting George W. Mead State Wildlife Area, Rib Mountain State Park, or one of the many other scenic areas in the region.