Timber Frame Construction

Take a look at this Time Lapse Video, "14 Days," that one of our customers shared with us of the construction of their Timberpeg home. 
Concord, MA Residence (T00862)

The construction of your Timberpeg home can be one of the most enjoyable times during the entire process as you finally get to see your home come to life. Many of our Independent Representatives are builders and/or contractors and you may choose to work directly with one of them to construct your home or if you have a different contractor you would like to use, that is no problem either.

No matter who you choose to construct your home, a Timberpeg representative is always available to answer any questions you or your contractor might have. And, if needed, we can also send someone to your site to assist with the frame assembly. 

Constructing your Timberpeg Timber Frame