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An Open Home That’s Twice As Nice

We often feature floor plans or open homes on the blog, since they’re just so fun to write about (and experience). This week, we have a special open home to introduce to you. This open home in Northern Virginia, being held next Saturday, October 29th, is actually two wonderful timber frame homes. With both a main home and a charming guest house, this property has something for everyone and is a great showcase for two distinct styles of Timberpeg home.

Selecting the Perfect Chandelier Size

As its name implies, the chandelier started out its life as a holder for many candles. The earliest chandeliers were only found in the wealthiest of homes, and were so expensive that they were actually moved from room to room rather than being fixed pieces. Over time, chandeliers became more common and less expensive, and are now to the point where a great deal of homes have them. Here are some tips for selecting the perfect size chandelier for every space in your timber frame home.

Managing Kitchen Odors

This week's post was inspired by a little mishap with the blender the other day that led to a small explosion. What began with the wonderful aroma of garlic, onion and and fresh herbs turned into a much more funky odor over the next couple of days when it was discovered that some of the bits had actually fallen into the downdraft kitchen vent (you know, the kind that are flush with the stove, not the ones that rise up). 

Copper Cookware in the Post and Beam Kitchen

If you look around a timber frame home’s kitchen, you will frequently find copper pots and pans on display. There is something about copper’s timeless nature that makes it fit just right in the post and beam home. Beyond aesthetics, copper cookware has several advantages and drawbacks in actual use. Here are some of the main features of copper cookware.

Etymology of Timber Framing Terms

As we discussed earlier this year, our modern conception of the home was largely influenced by the Dutch Golden Age. Despite this, many of the words we use to refer to items around the home are French in origin. This may seem peculiar, since the English language contains approximately the same number of words of French and Germanic (including Dutch) origin. In fact, it is an interesting consequence of English history.

Reducing Allergens in the Barn Style Home

For those who don’t suffer from seasonal allergies, the term “allergy season” may make you think of spring or summer. But actually plant-based allergies can extend throughout the growing season, with trees the biggest culprit in the spring, grasses in the summer, and weeds in the fall. For allergy sufferers, just getting through each day can be a chore. Your home should be a respite from your concerns, and there are several ways to reduce the level of allergens present in your home. While building a new Timberpeg home would be a great start, here are some design choices and continuing maintenance tips to help keep your allergies at bay.

California Craftsman Style in a Massachusetts Timberpeg

As an amateur woodworker, John Laupheimer fell in love with the work of the California architecture firm Greene and Greene.  Upon retiring, Laupheimer sought to find a house inspired by these giants of the Arts and Crafts movement. Since the Greene and Greene homes are almost entirely in California, and this home would be in Massachusetts, Laupheimer turned to Timberpeg to build a home evocative of the style of Greene and Greene.

The Pros and Cons of Vessel Sinks

For the past few years, a different type of sink has been gaining in popularity in both homes and commercial developments. The vessel sink, unlike most sinks, uses a washbowl that is placed on top of the countertop or vanity. This arrangement has both its advantages and disadvantages over more widely used sink styles. Here are some considerations for determining whether a vessel sink is right in your home.

Celebrating Beautiful Barns

While this blog is titled “Barn Homes and Beyond”, Timberpeg specializes in barn style homes as well as more modern timber frame construction. Even though most of our clients are looking for a home, there is something about this time of year that makes us think of barns. While hardly any barns are used these days for their ancient purpose of barley storage, many of our clients have had barns built to serve as garages or workshops. Here are a few of the handsomest barns we have built.


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