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The Topping Out Ceremony

A few months ago, we dedicated a post to discussing the origins of timber framing. In that post, we mentioned that Scandinavia is more known for log homes than timber framing due to the softwood forests that predominate there. Nonetheless, there is one tradition originating in Scandinavia that is an important part of timber framing tradition. 

Freeing The Bathroom From The Past

Last week, we covered the evolution of private and public space in the home and covered the bathroom. While the bathroom has naturally become more private over the years, its history has influenced its design in interesting ways. Since modern plumbing is barely more than a hundred years old, the bathroom is actually one of the newest rooms in the home. Even in its short history, the bathroom has had a fascinating development. 

The Evolution of Public and Private Home Spaces

The Home has never been a static concept, and what constitutes the ideal home has changed throughout time. With the increasing living standards that have occurred over the centuries, we have been able to build more intricate and complex homes. This trend has allowed us to build homes with more rooms, leading to an increased distinction between public and private spaces within the home. Mostly, this trend has allowed increased private spaces within the home, with one notable exception. 

A Timber Framed White House

Dear Mr. President, We were pleased to hear that funds for the redesign of the exterior of the White House had been approved. After reading our proposal for a timber framed White House, we think you will agree that a Timberpeg is the perfect design choice for a such an important building. 

The Origins of the Timber Framing Tradition

Wood is such a great building material that it is no wonder that its use predates history. Throughout the world, where trees were abundant they were used to build homes and other structures. However, due to differences in resources available in different regions, timber framing developed uniquely in each region and was even absent from some regions. Here is the some of the back story behind the evolution of timber framing.

New-Again Techniques for Green Building

Lately, the concept of passive house design has come to prominence in building and design discussions. A passive house is designed to require minimum energy for heating and cooling. While some of the techniques used are modern, such as improved insulation and heat recovery ventilators, many of the techniques have a long history in building design. Here are a few of these well-used techniques and where best to apply them.

A Martha’s Vineyard Timberpeg Home

Bill and Bo Stueck first visited Martha’s Vineyard in the 1980s and became instantly hooked on the island’s charm and beauty. After renting for several decades, they decided to buy a house in Aquinnah. After deciding that they loved the location but not their house, they bought a lot nearby on which to build their dream vacation home.

Timber Frame Homes for the Practical Dad

For Mother’s Day this year, we ran a four part series on the features that a modern mom looks for when purchasing a home. For Father’s Day, it only seemed appropriate that we also dedicated a post to dad’s concerns in the home buying process. While we find women tend to exert a larger share of the decision making when buying a home, it is a process that men are very involved in as well.

Summer Outdoor Safety at the Barn Home

It’s no secret that timber frame home owners live for the outdoors. Post and beam homes, with their beautiful natural elements, seem especially at home in the wilderness and similarly attract those who love the great outdoors. With summer finally here, many of us are spending increased amounts of time outdoors. We thought this would be a great time to review some safety tips for the summer season. While summer may seem like a season with less safety hazards than the winter, every season has its risks that can be minimized with proper planning and care.


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