Barn Inspired Trends for the Post and Beam Home

At Timberpeg, we make timber frame and post and beam houses to fit any homeowner’s tastes. From the seacoast to the mountains, we build houses ranging from traditional to modern styles. While some more traditional styles take obvious inspiration from the barn design, even more contemporary plans are incorporating elements of traditional design. Here are a few of the hottest barn style trends that have found their way into the modern post and beam home, as well as some resources on where you can shop for these barn home style items.

Barn Doors

The classic barn door is not used on the exterior of modern post and beam homes, due to the better security and weatherproofing offered by other door designs. Instead, many homeowners have elected to bring the barn door inside to act as a distinctive design element that compliments the aesthetics of the home. This type of door is great for closing off a space to make it more private while maintaining a flow to adjacent areas. It is a superb choice to separate an office from an adjoining bedroom or living space. Like a pocket door, the barn door can save space since it does not swing out to open.  There are many great resources available for selecting interior barn doors, including Rustica Hardware.


If you desire a more subtle design trend inspired by barn décor, then look at lighting options. Lighting fixtures inspired by the barn have been a popular choice in recent construction. The gooseneck style lighting fixture is a popular one, providing a rustic appeal while illuminating your home. Lantern style light fixtures also work well in creating a classic barn aesthetic. For a more industrial look, a light with a bulb guard may be just the ticket.  Restoration Hardware is an excellent choice for lighting to bring a barn style to your post and beam home

Wide Plank Flooring

After a long period of dominance by narrow planks for wood flooring, the wide plank look is surging in popularity. Such a look is widely associated with barn floors, and these floors can be constructed from reclaimed lumber from old barns as well to accentuate the barn inspired feel while also being ecologically responsible.  The barn home kitchen shown here showcases wide plank pine floors; for a consistent look the wide planks are used throughout the home. So, what do you think about bringing these barn style features into your post and beam home?  Is it a look you enjoy, or do you steer clear of the barn look?  Leave us a comment and let us know.  And if you’re interested in getting started on a design for your next post and beam home (barn style or otherwise) please contact Timberpeg to get started.