Designing a Home Theater for your Barn Home

Summer is upon us, and thus so are summer blockbuster movies. Although going out to a movie still has its charm, a real cinema buff will want a dedicated room at home for viewing films. Since it’s much easier to design a space for a dedicated cinema during original construction rather than as an addition, if a home cinema may be in your future, you should consider planning for it at barn home design time. Whether you design a theater from the beginning or add one later, consider these points to help you design a great space to watch movies in your barn home.

Screen Size and Audio Planning

If a display is being used primarily for watching movies it should be larger than what is normally used for television. Cinema experts recommend that a movie screen fill 40 percent of your horizontal field of vision. For a 16:9 widescreen display, this means that you would sit 6 feet from a 54-inch screen or 10 feet from a 90-inch screen.  Although smaller seating distances may allow flat panel displays to be used, a projector is most commonly used and necessary for larger screen sizes. If you have multiple rows of seating, you will probably want to sink the front rows or raise the back rows so that everyone can have an unobstructed view of the screen, but make sure that the most commonly used seating is at the optimum distance from the screen. A home theater system is not complete without a surround sound audio system. These days a 7.1 surround sound system is recommended, where there are 7 full-range speakers and a sub-woofer.  You should consider the placement of these speakers when planning the room; although surround speakers can be mounted in the ceiling, it is much better for them to be mounted to the walls. If you have a narrow room, then you can place the right, left, and center channel speakers behind the screen if you use a acoustically transparent screen. Whatever you do with the speakers, you will definitely want to install additional soundproofing in the walls to prevent ambient noise from disturbing the movie and also prevent your movie from disturbing the rest of the house.

Room décor

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Many furniture companies craft seating that is ideal for use in a home theatre. From modern and stylish, to lush and comfy, today’s barn homeowners have a lot of seating and decor choices.

The decorating choices you make in your theater room will greatly impact your cinema experience. Although hardwood floors are popular throughout the rest of the barn home, bare floors cause poor acoustics in a home cinema. Consider carpeting in this room or large rugs covering almost the entire floor. Dark colored walls and deeply stained wood surfaces in the room will cut down on reflections and improve the viewing experience. Glass tables and cabinets should also be avoided because of the reflections they cause. If the room has windows, make sure the light from them can be entirely blocked If you’re ready to start designing your dream barn home, complete with home theater, please contact Timberpeg to get started today.