Essential Ski Lodge Amenities

Timber frame house in snow With the recent winter storms across the country many news outlets reported that snow was on the ground in 49 of the 50 states with only Florida lacking any accumulation. When it comes to snow and timber frame homes, our first thought is to picture a ski lodge. While any home can serve as a ski lodge, there are certain amenities that just seem necessary for a ski lodge to feel right. Here are our must-have features for a ski lodge home.

A Big Fireplace

This entry hardly needs any justification. When coming back from a day on the slopes, a grand fire to warm up by is definitely called for. The fireplace will also naturally serve as the center of the social space of the lodge, so a large fireplace in a convenient location is a must. Many grand lodges will have multiple fireplaces, but certainly every ski lodge needs at least the one fireplace in the great room or other public area.


While a mudroom is a nice feature on other homes, it is effectively a requirement in a ski lodge. In this case, mud is not the concern so much as the water from snow-coated equipment. A good lodge mudroom will also provide storage for your gear, as well as seating to help you prepare when heading out and for removing boots and outerwear when returning.

Ample Sleeping Accommodations

Skiing tends to be a social affair, with many lodge owners taking friends and family with them to the slopes. As a result, it pays to maximize your number of beds to accommodate the size of your typical party. Regular guests may get their own room with a queen- or king-sized bed, but bunk rooms are a popular choice for accommodating a larger number of guests without a truly massive number of bedrooms.

Bar Space

While drinks can be served from the kitchen, a dedicated bar space adds a great touch to the community feeling of the ski lodge. It also takes pressure off the kitchen, allowing the bar space to be a social center while the kitchen can be used for cooking. birch bark bar with staircase behind it Those are some of the amenities we feel are key to a great ski lodge. While other features like hot tubs are fairly common and appreciated, we feel these features are the most essential. If you are interested in any of these ski lodges or have your own list of essentials you want to build into your ski lodge, please contact Timberpeg today.