A Timber Frame Workshop

Let’s face it, dads do a lot.  From part time nurse when boo-boos need bandaging, to expert math tutor – dads nowadays do it all.  So, when we sat down to think of a great gift for Father’s Day, a big gift came to mind.  For all the dads out there who have a hobby they truly enjoy – why not get out there and build a space that you can use to really pursue the hobby you love?  The workshop we’re featuring here is just one example of the type of space you can build to facilitate a hobby.

This wonderful, barn style timber frame workshop was built in Long Valley, NJ for an avid woodworker.  The space is truly inspirational, and has ample room for all the equipment and tools that the owner uses.  And, if the timber framed nature of the workshop weren’t woodworking inspiration enough, the ceiling showcases beautifully crafted scissor trusses.

The entry to the workshop has a double door to easily allow large pieces to be moved in and out.  The simple New England style of the workshop is a perfect match for the surrounding neighborhood.  In fact, the simple design of this workshop speaks to the versatility of a barn style structure.  A passerby might easily think this is a barn style home, or just as easily think it’s a working barn for agricultural purpose or housing livestock.  That’s one of the many reasons we love barn style architecture.

Inside the workshop, various stations are set up around the multiple pieces of equipment.  From a drill press to a table saw, this workshop provides the owner with endless options for crafting wondrous creations.  One of the particular interests that the owner has is in crafting model airplanes.

The workshop opens up on half of the space to reveal a cathedral ceiling and a loft space above.  The loft space is used as office space for the owner.  A cupola helps to provide light to the space, as do the many windows.  Multiple ceiling fans help to circulate air through the space, which can help to aid in the even drying of finishes and sealants. If this workshop has gotten you inspired to build a hobby space of your own, please don’t hesitate to contact Timberpeg with any questions.  From art and pottery studios to yoga and dance centers, a timber framed space can provide just the room you’ve been looking for.  And, of course, we hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day no matter what space you’ll be enjoying it in!