Why Timber Frame Homes Hold Value and Sell Quickly

While we all love timber framed homes, sometimes it is necessary to move. Whether for employment, family or any other important reason, sometimes we need to move away. When we must move, it is only natural to want to sell a house a quickly as possible, for as much as possible. Luckily, timber frame homes are likely to be among the fastest selling and highest grossing homes on the market. Recently, Zillow performed an analysis of for-sale listings and the final sale prices on over 2 million homes nationwide that sold within the previous two years. After adjusting for age and size of the home, as well as the time of year and housing market, they found that certain terms in the listing meant that a home sold for more and faster than comparable homes. Here are some of the most impactful terms. Barn doors are the most in-demand feature. This home was built by Timberpeg Independent Rep, Smith & Robertson The leading term was “barn door”, which boosted the sale price more than any other. Homes with barn-style doors sold for an average of 13.4% more than would otherwise be expected. Furthermore, these homes sold an average of 57 days faster than homes without barn doors. Given the charming nature of a barn-style home, we fully understand why these homes sell so fast.

Simple Shaker cabinets are also in high demand.

After barn doors, shaker cabinets were the next most likely feature to boost the sale price of a home. Homes with shake cabinets sold for 9.6 percent above the expected amount and helped the home sell 45 days faster than homes with other cabinet types. Another common feature in timber frame kitchens, the farmhouse sink, was the next most influential. These homes sold for 7.9 percent above average and 58 days faster than homes with other sinks.

Radiant heating is a big plus to homebuyers.

In the past, we have talked highly of radiant in-floor heating. This form of heat creates a much more comfortable home, and the Zillow study indicates that the market considers it a desirable feature as well. Homes with heated floors sold 28 days sooner than homes with other heating systems, and for an average premium 4.3 percent higher. Among all home styles, Craftsman homes were the big winners, commanding a 5.4 percent premium over other home styles.

Farmhouse sinks command a premium price from homebuyers.

If you put all these desirable features together, we think you’ll agree that they describe an ideal timber frame home. Just like you, the rest of the home buying public is looking for barn home style features. It’s great to know that while you will surely love your new Timberpeg home, if you ever need to sell it you will likely encounter robust and timely offers. If you’re looking to build a new timber frame home, please contact us today.