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‘Au Naturel‘ or ‘Ooh, Color!’ Palette Choices for The Timber Frame Home

There are so many choices when it comes to your timber frame home.  When working with a design team like Timberpeg, you’ll be able to customize the layout, material choices, and the style inside and out.  Of course one of the most noticeable, and sometimes nerve-wracking, choices you can make about the style of your timber frame home’s exterior, is the color. 

The Evolving Kitchen

Today, the kitchen is often the social center of the house, with its appearance and function being dictated as much by entertaining concerns as by everyday meal preparation. From antiquity until just a few decades ago, however, the kitchen was a much different space. Hidden from visitors, the kitchen was a strictly utilitarian space that was spartanly appointed.

Modern Homes with Timber Framed Charm

When one thinks of modern architecture, a timber-framed home is undoubtedly not the first image that springs to mind. Rectilinear high-rises of glass and steel and homes with steel structure and cantilevered upper floors might be some of the first thoughts we have. Modern architecture, however, was a very expansive movement with many different stylistic elements.


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