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Timber Frame Workshop - A Great Gift For Father's Day

Let's face it, Dads do a lot.  From part time nurse when boo-boos need bandaging, to expert math tutor - Dads nowadays do it all.  So when we sat down to think of a great gift for Father's Day, a big gift came to mind.  For all the Dads out there who have a hobby they truly enjoy - why not get out there and build a space that you can use to really pursue the hobby you love?  The workshop we're featuring here is just one example of the type of space you can build to facilitate a hobby. 

Timber Frame Home Photos - Gathering Ideas

With the growth of internet usage, and particularly social media usage, it's become easier than ever to go hunting for ideas, solutions and inspiration.  Simple Google image searches can help you find what you're looking for, but another great way to cruise for ideas is by using Pinterest to create idea boards.  We see a fair amount of Timberpeg photos being pinned, and thought it would be fun to post some of the most popular photos.

Decking Materials for Your New Barn Home

A deck is a wonderful addition to your barn home, allowing you to create an enjoyable outdoor room perfect for dining, entertaining and enjoying the warm weather. Although wood decks have always been the most popular choice for decking material, recently composite materials have become popular. In this post, we will discuss common choices for decking material and how to decide which is right for your new barn home.

Timber Frame Homes and Regional Architecture Styles

One of the most wonderful things about the United States is how each state has its own history, traditions and style.  That of course applies to architecture as well.  Sometimes you can see a picture of a house and you just know what region of the country it was built in.  And, with the amazing versatility of timber frame homes, we thought we’d highlight some of the regional styles and how a timber frame home can be at home across the country.

Building Costs and Why Now is The Time to Build a New Home

There’s so much to be excited about this time of year. From the return of migratory birds to long, sunny days, it’s truly a wonderful time of year. It also happens to be the ideal time to begin the home building process. Just as the U.S. economy is slowly emerging from the cold cocoon of recession, the housing industry is also jumping to life like a tree frog on a rainy spring day. But, this growth in demand is now beginning to lead to increased building costs and material costs, which is why now, more than ever, it's time to get that home project started! Drywall material costs have more than doubled in some regions over the past two years. And, the compound mud and fasteners used on the drywall to create a finished wall are about 30% higher today than a year ago. While these small components may not seem to be that big of a deal, they can certainly add up, and they are continuing to increase month over month. 

Custom Post and Beam Home Floor Plan With Inspiration

Inspiration can come from many places as you consider the custom design of your new timber frame home. Photos of existing homes, touring existing homes, and looking through sample floor plans all help to inspire the components and ideas that go into the home plan. This newly designed custom post and beam home floor plan was inspired by an existing home and floor plan, but has been modified to suit the needs of the couple looking to build.

Landscape Ideas for Your New Timber Frame Home

There’s no doubt that a properly planned and skillfully executed landscape plan can make a new home feel at one with the land.  The right landscape can serve as a lush and living setting for your gem of a home.  One of the most unnatural sights is a newly constructed home with no landscaping at all.  But, with proper planning you can ensure your new timber frame home is surrounded by lush landscape in no time.  Here are our top five tips for getting the landscape for your new timber frame home off on the right foot.

Westport, Massachusetts Timber Frame Home

Over the years Timberpeg® has been involved with countless stunning projects.  One of the most memorable homes is this timber frame home designed by Dennis Keefe, AIA.  Inspired by a combination of Arts and Crafts style homes and the homes of the English countryside, the architect crafted the design for this home with an eye for classic design and and a desire to make the home blend with the land.  Working together with Timberpeg®, the stunning great room, perhaps the showpiece of the home, was designed and cut to exacting specifications and soaring heights. 

Radiant Heating for Your Barn Home

Radiant heating systems have been used since the ancient Roman hypocaust. Today, modern radiant heating systems are an increasingly popular method of supplying heat to a barn home.  These systems provide steady, gentle warmth to a house by heating a large surface, typically the floor. Although it is possible for a radiant heating system to use panels in the walls or ceiling, these are uncommon in residential construction.  Floor-based radiant systems can use almost any common heat source, from solar to gas or fuel oil. Below we discuss the advantages and drawbacks of installing a radiant heating system in your barn home.

Timber Frame Home Siding Options

/home/Barn-Style/512Choosing the right siding for your new timber frame home is like choosing the right outfit.  It's one of the final steps in getting your home ready to show off to the neighbors.  You've spent a long time, maybe even years, working on the floor plan and shape of your new home and you want it to look good in its final form.  The right siding is key.  We've outlined a few different siding options here, along with their costs, benefits and styles they typically work well with.


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