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Rain Water Management for Your Timber Frame Home

With building season getting into full swing, there are so many considerations to make when beginning construction on a new timber frame home.  One of the items which is not usually top of mind is managing water on your property.  With some regions experiencing record flooding, and others under drought conditions, it’s something that is definitely worth thinking about and planning ahead for.

Getting a New Dog – What it Means for Your Home

With warm weather on the way, it’s getting to be the best time of year to bring a dog into your home.  The warming weather makes it easier for housebreaking and establishing a good exercise routine.  However, there are many considerations and preparations that need to be made before bringing Fido home.  We’ve outlined a few of the most important considerations for the home.

The Millbrook Barn Home Floor Plan

There is something so beautiful about a barn home that's in perfect proportion.  A home that's not too tall or too wide, not too stark and not too cluttered. The Millbrook barn home floor plan is one of those barn homes that truly has everything in balance.  At only 1,632 square feet, the plan is open and spacious on the interior while perfectly approachable from the exterior.  As a small home plan, this barn home beauty has quickly become a crowd favorite.  We can definitely see why.

"Split Rock" - A Timber Frame Home on Candlewood Lake

It took the homeowners of this beautiful timber frame home over five years to find the perfect piece of land on Candlewood Lake in Connecticut.  Once they found their dream lot with stunning views, mature trees and impressive rock overcroppings, the couple knew they had to find the right kind of home to fit with the land.  The result of their careful quest to build a home in tune with the land is this stunning, yet relaxed lakeside, timber frame home.

Is Installing a Generator Right for My New Home?

The power outage that occurred during the Super Bowl this past Sunday  had us thinking about how unpredictable, and sometimes unreliable, our own electricity can be. There are a lot of considerations when it comes to building a new timber frame home and one detail which impacts our daily lives, but that we often take for granted, is electricity.  And since timber frame homes are often built in remote areas of the country in close proximity to pristine wilderness, electricity isn’t always a constant.  Snow storms set in, hurricanes come ashore and sometimes the power goes out.  But never fear, proper planning can keep you safe and comfortable and when the decision has been made early, it won't break the bank. Installing an automatic transfer switch and generator can make a power outage feel like a temporary nuisance rather than a crippling catastrophe.  Typically it’s wise to only put household essentials on the generator, not everything.  But transfer switches are available to provide power to the whole house. 

To Build New or Buy Existing in 2013

Recent news about the housing industry has had an upbeat tone and some real optimism for 2013.  According to a recent story on NPR, “new homebuilding reached a 4 1/2 year high in December.”  The forecasts for 2013 predict a steady growth in the housing market.  This recent uptick in confidence has people interested in building a post and beam or timber frame home asking themselves if now is the right time to build.

Designing Your Home with Children in Mind

There are a lot of considerations to make when designing a new post and beam home.  One particular consideration is how to design a home that is comfortable and functional for adults, but also safe and enjoyable for children.  Whether it is for your own children, or for grandchildren, in thinking about how to design a home that is suited for children and adults alike, there are three big considerations we recommend clients keep in mind.

Five Tips for Home Organization

It's that time again when the year is new, and the motivation to get organized is high.  But as we all know, it doesn't take long until the motivation levels drop.  The next thing you know it's spring time and you can't even remember what your new year's resolutions were.  Well, if home organization is one of your resolutions then it doesn't have to be like that.  We've got five simple tips for keeping your home organized year round.  The best part is that unlike other resolutions, it doesn't involve going to the gym.


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