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Cathedral or Non-Cathedral? That Is the Question...

Post and beam construction naturally lends itself to open spaces and, of course, cathedral ceilings. The most common area that timber frame homeowners choose to have a cathedral space is the great room. But not all timber frame homes have cathedral living rooms or great rooms. The picture to the left shows a common cathedral timber frame great room where the homeowners wanted  to take advantage of the beautiful view not only from their living room but also from the balcony upstairs. We wanted to take some time to feature great rooms and living rooms that are not vaulted and also highlight some of the other rooms in a timber frame home where vaulted ceilings can create the perfect atmosphere.

New Jersey Timberpeg Home: Timber Frame Renovation

Post and beam and timber frame homes are true works of art. And just like art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, when a family purchased a previously custom built Timberpeg home in New Jersey, they wanted to do a complete renovation to have their new home reflect their styles rather than that of the home's previous owner. The result of the renovation is a feast for the eyes!

The Cobb Meadow New Hampshire Post and Beam Floor Plan

With just under 2,200 sf of living space, this custom post and beam home in southwest New Hampshire was built to be a primary home for its owners. Set on a sloped lot, the house sits high on the property and looks down over the lush New England landscape. You'll notice on the first floor plan (below), that there are two decks (one is a screened porch just off the dining room) you can sit on to take in the views.

Letting the Sunlight Into Your Post and Beam Home

One of the most important investment decisions that has to be made when designing and building a home is the window selection. There is a reason we say windows are an investment when building your post and beam home - the windows will likely be a significant percentage of the total upfront cost but they can also have a big payback over time if the proper windows are selected and placement is strategic. Nowadays, the windows being installed in your beautiful new home are dual paned for superior energy efficiency and usually have an insulating gas, argon, that fills the space between the two panes. Sounds scientific? It is. The shapes, styles, and placement of windows allow light to fill your home in different ways. Take our word that the quality of the windows you install is not something you want to sacrifice. It is also important to understand your building site and the sun's positioning at different times of the day and year so you can begin planning during the early design phase.  Let's explore some amazing interior photos showcasing the power of fenestration.

Dining Rooms- An Old Tradition That's Worth Saving

According to Wikipedia, dining rooms date back to the middle ages. Leonardo da Vinci famously painted The Last Supper, and it became one of the most well known, artistic dining scenes ever painted. It goes without saying that sharing a meal at a common table has been a longstanding tradition for what could be thousands of years. With today's savvy home buyer, it's common to see a wide spectrum of dining room styles. From rustic and traditional to chic and contemporary, the possibilities are endless when it comes to designing a dining room that suits your style and budget. 

Coventry Regional Farmers' Market wins a Post & Beam Barn

Coventry Regional Farmers' Market, more commonly referred to as CRFM by market enthusiasts, has a following that is usually equated with celebrities. With help from their amazing fan base, CRFM won the Great Barn Giveaway; a contest held by WHS Homes, Inc. and its family of brands, AMERICAN POST & BEAM, TIMBERPEG and REAL LOG HOMES, in conjunction with the Farmers Market Coalition and the American Farmland Trust. The contest's mission was to find the most deserving farmers market in the country and bestow upon them a custom Post and Beam barn. The barns grand reveal on Sunday, June 17th is just around the corner and it seemed only fitting to take a look back at the process of designing and building CRFM's custom post and beam barn.

Summertime Living in your Post and Beam Home

While it's not quite summer yet, the long Memorial Day weekend is often the kick-off to the summer season. The weather at our office in the Sunapee region of New Hampshire has been absolutely stunning these last couple of weeks. With this amazing weather, we get the itch to use our decks, grills and outdoor spaces to celebrate the upcoming summer season with our friends and families. While we love our post and beam homes throughout the year, it's the spring and summer months that lets us truly appreciate all aspects of our homes, both inside and outside. 


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