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It's Often the Little Things That Make a Big Impact

When you're building or own a post and beam home, you soon realize that much of the beauty of your home is in the details. Of course, one aspect that makes owning a post and beam home fantastic, is the soaring timbers and natural beauty of the wood, but it's the little  touches you put in your home that make it truly feel special. It's also those little things that seemingly make the biggest impact on friends and family who come to visit. And who doesn't like to hear 'I love the way you designed your staircase!' or my personal favorite 'You have such exquisite taste!' 

Making the Most of your Mother's Day Celebration

It's hard to believe there's only one official day a year to celebrate our Mothers, but all the more reason to make Mother's Day even more special for the woman who brought us into this world. As I narrow down what I'll be giving my Mom this Sunday, I'll also be exploring how a post and beam home can be the perfect vessel to make your holiday even better. Here are 3 ways to give your Mom the greatest Mother's Day yet, while utilizing the beautiful home in which you already live:

Let's Shed Some Light on Barn Home Lighting Options

When you think of barn homes, do you picture wide open spaces, tall ceilings and beautiful wood beams?  Those seem to be the most common images of what a barn home looks like.  But when we ask people to conjure up what barn home lighting looks like, the images vary widely from rustic to ultra-modern (and everything in between).  And that's what's so great about barn home lighting - anything goes! Here are some of our favorite ways to make your barn home lighting reflect your personal style.

Celebrate Earth Day

As you probably know, Earth Day is this weekend on Sunday the 22nd.  Earth Day is a relatively new phenomenon, dating back to 1970.  Through the years it has meant different things to different people, and each year it makes us ponder our role in promoting a sustainable and ecologically-friendly method of building.

10 Ways to Make Your Post & Beam Kitchen Uniquely You

As we mentioned in our "kitchen layout ideas" posting, it wasn't too long ago that the kitchen was sequestered from the rest of the home.  But that was then, and this is now.  Nowadays, the adage goes "No matter the guest, they'll always like your kitchen best."  This really speaks to the propensity for guests to all bunch up in the kitchen. So, we think, if your guests are going to end up in the kitchen, you should approach decorating your kitchen like the other rooms in your house - making it reflect your personal style.  With that in mind, here are 10 ways to make your kitchen uniquely you!

What to put on your barn home walls and ceilings?

Before you can even start to consider the color of your barn home walls, you have to stop and think about the material first.  There are a lot of options to consider; from plaster and drywall, to tongue and groove boards.  Each adds its own character to a barn home, and we’ll highlight some of the options below.  We’ll start with barn homes with low contrast walls and frames, and then move towards barn homes with high contrast between the post and beam frame and the walls.


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