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Kitchen Layout Ideas for Post and Beam Homes

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home.  Unlike the days of yore when the kitchen was the domain of servants and needed to be sequestered to the back of a home and kept out of sight, today’s homeowners are looking for homes with kitchens that function as great entertaining spaces.  So, in keeping up with the latest kitchen layout ideas, we thought we’d highlight a few different post and beam kitchens that are well suited for culinary greatness and superb socializing.

A Coastal Classic Post and Beam Home on Cape Cod

When you think of Cape Cod, MA, a certain look and feel might be brought to mind.  Be it windswept beaches with billowing sea grasses aflutter, or the images of bobbing dinghies and sailboats glowing on a sparkling sea – Cape Cod has a definite vibe.  The homes found on the Cape also have a certain air about them. This home, built just slightly south of Eastham, is the pinnacle of Cape Cod living. 

Happy Holidays

It’s that wonderful time of year when families gather together to celebrate.  Be it Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza or simply secular get-togethers, this is the time of year for having people over to your home.  And, us being all about homes, it means that it’s just about our favorite time of year. Whether or not you live in a post and beam home, there are some great tips we’ve found for making your house feel welcome for when your guests arrive.  Here are some of those tips.

Barn Siding and Board and Batten Siding

Two popular siding choices that add a lot of barn style to a home are vertical barn-board siding and board and batten siding.  They are both very similar methods for siding a house using vertical boards, but board and batten has more depth, texture and dimension. Barn siding, which lacks the raised batten strip, has more of a smooth minimalist look to it.  So while they are very similar, choosing one or the other can have a big impact on the overall style of your home's exterior.  We will show you some examples of how they differ.

Great Rooms Aren’t the Only Great Spaces

It’s obvious that a great room is like the king of the house.  Typically used for gathering with family, it’s usually wide open, and especially in post and beam homes, it often has cathedral ceilings.  And while post and beam great rooms are beautiful to behold, and make for great cover shots, we’d like to highlight some other spaces in the home.  We’d like to call them "great little spaces." From window seats and little alcoves, to small seating areas that just feel special- Here are four of our favorite "great little spaces."

What is A Cupola?

One common feature of barn style architecture is a cupola.  Cupola comes from the Latin cupa meaning “cup”, which makes sense considering a cupola’s resemblance to an upside down cup.  Throughout the years, cupolas have topped many different styles of architecture from classic barn style homes to ancient basilicas.  While the definition is simple – a small structure built on top of a roof - the styles and uses for a cupola are varied. We’d like to highlight some of the reasons and benefits of adding a cupola to a barn style home that we’ve learned through the years.


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