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Barn Homes and Beyond Moves to a New Home

This will be the last week for the Barn Homes and Beyond blog at But don’t fret, we’re not going away but merely changing location! Starting next week, our blog will be hosted directly on Timberpeg’s website. This is part of a large upgrade to Timberpeg’s website, which just launched!  While we’re psyched about the move, there are plenty of other great new features on the Timberpeg site. Here are some of our favorites.


Kitchen Trends: Mismatched Cabinets

For as long as we can remember, the goal with kitchen cabinets has been to have all the cabinets match in style and color. Recently, however, it has become trendy to have mismatched colors on your kitchen cabinets. One version of this trend is to have a darker color or stain for your lower cabinets and a light stain or white painted upper cabinets. In this post, we will instead look at some Timberpeg homes where different zones in the kitchen use different colored cabinets.

The Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen

With May weather upon us and the unofficial start to summer only two weeks away, we have certainly entered “grilling season”. However, for many Americans outdoor cooking is a year-round passion, with 39% of people grilling throughout the year and 61% grilling at least eight months a year. With statistics like this, it’s no wonder that the outdoor kitchen has become a desired feature for many homeowners. Here’s a look at a few Timberpeg homes and their outdoor kitchens. 

What Do Moms Like On Mother’s Day?

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and we would like to extend our thanks to all the wonderful mothers of the world. If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, you no doubt read our four-part series last year on what moms look for in a home. The issues of storage, entertaining space, flexibility and relaxing space are high priorities for the modern mom. Today, we thought we’d focus a bit on the question that confronts dads and children this time of year: What does mom like to do on her day? 

The High Costs of Remodeling

If you own an older home, it may seem like home repairs are a fact of daily life. This can make major renovation projects seem appealing. After all, who wouldn’t want a new kitchen while remaining in their home? However, remodeling costs have gone up substantially in the past decade. Here are a few common home renovation projects and their costs. 

Barn Home Style at Any Size

Lately, there has been a decided trend towards smaller homes than those typically built over the past 30 years. For some, smaller houses are part of a desire to live a simpler lifestyle, while others believe that smaller homes promote greater outdoor activity and healthier lifestyles. One smaller home with great barn home appeal is the Center Harbor. It is a compact but functional 1715 square feet, and we also have related plans up to 1910 square feet.

Picking a Hardwood Flooring Width

We’ve spent a few posts on the blog talking about flooring, especially covering the material choices between hardwood, carpet, tile and other materials. Without a doubt, hardwood flooring is the preferred choice throughout the barn home. However, within the category of hardwood floors there are many choices you can make that determine the feel of the flooring and how it impacts your home. While wood species and stain are obvious factors to consider, flooring width also has a great visual influence. Here are some tips on picking the right flooring width.

Welcome To Mud Season

Northern cities commonly claim that they only have two seasons: winter and construction. In New England, we commonly claim to have five seasons. In addition to the canonical four seasons, we have mud season. About this time of year, the snow melts but the frozen lower layers of soil means the water has nowhere to go. Trails and unpaved roads quickly become a sloppy mess. It’s these conditions that makes every homeowner wish they had a mudroom.

Stylish Barn Home Staircases

Naturally, if your home has more than one level it will require a staircase. While the stairwell is often only treated in a utilitarian fashion, the timber frame home offers a great opportunity to bring style to this oft-neglected feature. Here are a few Timberpeg homes that incorporate unique stairways into their designs.

Great Reasons To Move Into A Timberpeg Home

For existing homeowners, there are many factors that can create the desire to move. Although job relocation may seem like the most common reason to move, this is actually only the leading cause of moves amongst sellers between the ages of 45 and 54. In 2013, the National Association of Realtors took a survey on reasons why homeowners were considering a move. Here were the most common responses. 


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